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It Started with the Super Bowl…

New Avengers Annual #2 Reviewed

“Wait, What?” – my comic book review of the New Avengers Annual #2, by Brian Michael Bendis and Carlo Pagulayam, is now online at Avengers Forever.

The final battle between the New Avengers and The Hood’s ersatz Masters of Evil… as always, never as good as it sounds – check out my review here:


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Save The Martian Manhunter

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All Things Fun! Podcast – Episode Seven

The newest episode of The All Things Fun! Podcast is now online!

Ed Evans of All Things Fun! introduces this special “All Comics” episode of the podcast. Comics co-host Glenn Walker of Comic Widows interviews Michael Avon Oeming (Powers, Mice Templar) and Neil Vokes (Black Forest, Wicked West) during an in-store appearance.

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The 2007 Rondo Awards

Give It Up, Old Man

It is sooo time for Larry King to just hang it up and retire. If he can’t even try to keep up with pop culture or current events, he should just not cover them in his show. Can’t his writers, researchers, handlers or whatever at least give him some hint or cue cards as to what is what?

Just for the record, Larry, Heath Ledger was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Brokeback Mountain. You couldn’t seem to remember that. He’s not a new face in Hollywood as you’ve said, the man’s been around for a while. Also, The Dark Knight is not a remake of Batman, and Ledger was not playing the title role. Sheesh.

Rest in Peace Heath Ledger

Actor Heath Ledger passed away yesterday afternoon. Found in his apartment, possibly from an overdose, details are still up in the air. He was not, as initially reported, found in Mary-Kate Olsen’s apartment, even though that would have added just the right touch Hollywood glitz and grimness that the community feeds on. Apparently Heath was having trouble with insomnia and may have taken too many sleeping pills. Time will tell.

I quite enjoyed the man’s work. My favorites included his roles in 10 Things I Hate About You, Knight’s Tale and his Oscar nominated performance in Brokeback Mountain. I was especially looking forward to Ledger’s appearance in the new Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, as the Joker.

Heath Ledger had spoken of the role as being so dark and psychotic that it was all-consuming – and may have caused some of his sleep troubles. I guess that’s another strike against method acting. But let me say, he made for one hell of a Joker.

My first reaction when I saw the most recent previews for The Dark Knight was one of fear, that I might not want to see it, I was so traumatized. Now while I understand fully the psychosis and danger represented by the Joker of the comics, I don’t think it had ever been fully brought to the screen, small or large. When I saw him in the role, I saw the Joker of the comics made flesh, and I finally understood why some people are afraid of clowns. Ledger will be chilling in this role.

Rest in Peace, Heath.

Sweeney and the Chipmunks

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street ~ Now I loved the stage play, and the music and Angela Lansbury from that version so I had high expectations for this. And while I didn’t like it, it wasn’t for the reasons that all the other critics seemed to have. Even though I loved Ms. Lansbury, I really had no problem with Helena Bonham Carter as Mrs. Lovett or her singing, or Johnny Depp’s for that matter. I thought they were just fine. The atmosphere, and the coloring (solidly Tim Burton) were just about on target and the opening is one of the best mood setters for a film I have seen in a long time. My problem is that Sondheim’s score, which is dark and vibrant, different and brilliant – all appears to be one long droning song in this thing, and one that almost never ends. I don’t know what Burton did to Sondheim’s work but it’s butchered in my opinion. The other main obstacle I see here is that Burton seemed content to make a Tim Burton version of the play, rather than what he was supposed to do – make a film version of the play. Props for atmosphere, but that’s about it.

Dark Harbor ~ This is another loser from the insomnia club on Fearnet. A couple picks up a stranger as they vacation at a deserted island cabin. Predictable and sad, and probably the only time I’ve seen a bad performance from Alan Rickman. One of the most boring films I’ve seen recently.

Alvin and the Chipmunks ~ This could have been such a disaster but it turned out to be quite entertaining. The flick puts an updated spin on the old story of songwriter meets rodents. Featuring elements to entice both adults and children, whether you know the characters or not, I loved this. Yeah, it’s a bit predictable, but in a fun way, as opposed to the movie above. Any movie with the same bad guy (comedian David Cross) as Pootie Tang gets a thumbs up from me, and Jason Lee is fun as David Seville – although he has officially lost his street cred as a skater with this flick. Sometimes you can never go home again. My highest recommendation – I may buy this when it comes out on DVD.

Next ~ Another Philip K. Dick adaptation, this one has Nicholas Cage doing his best Nicholas Cage imitation as a stage magician who can see two minutes into the future. Well done scifi with lots of twists. Worth seeing.


Mighty Avengers #7 Reviewed

“Deja Vu” – my comic book review of Mighty Avengers #7, by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley, is now online at Avengers Forever.

Spider-Woman joins the team, the Wasp gives Wonder Man some fashion advice and a Venom bomb drops on New York City… as always, never as good as it sounds – check out my review here:


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Another Child Star Falls…

I guess they all can’t turn out like Jodie Foster…

Brad Renfro 1982-2008