Attention Aussies! :-)

Here’s the quote, no, strike that, the entire paragraph from my review of NBC’s “Kath and Kim”:

”Surprisingly this is an American version of one of Australia’s most popular sitcoms. Now, either Australian television viewers have shockingly lower IQs than Americans, or NBC butchered this adaptation. Judging from the few Aussies I know, I would have to go for the second option. Way to go, NBC, now when are you bringing back “Manimal” and “Supertrain?””

Please understand first that this was a review of the absolutely dreadful American version of “Kath and Kim,” and understand second that this was not a comment on the IQs of Australians, but a comment on what idiots the folks at NBC are. And yes, I freely admit I’m more scared of Aussies than I am of bloodsucking network executives, who I think it has been proven, do in fact have smaller IQs than the rest of us. The American “Kath and Kim” would be proof of that I think.

It should be further noted that I have never seen the original, Australian, version of “Kath & Kim,” so I can’t comment on how good (or bad) it is. I believe I only said it was a “popular sitcom” – something I doubt you can fault me on. Honestly I can’t wait to see, and review, the original.

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  1. And you want to know why you got chosen for the quote?Just in case you're unfamiliar with the situation, or haven't looked into it, here's a brief overview.Ninemsn is the "news" website associated with Channel 9, a rival to Channel 7 which has the rights to Kath & Kim and is about to begin broadcasting the American remake. Naturally, 9 executives have decided to talk down the program via their "news story" to try to drive down 7's ratings. I daresay they cut your quote in half to imply that viewers of both versions of K&K are idiots, thereby discouraging viewers new to the original as well. Congratulations, you've been used as a pawn in the Aussie ratings war.(I'm going to come back to your blog, because though I can't bring myself to trust your views entirely – hey, I'm a Dark Knight addict, sue me – it's nice to read differing opinions to my own. Screw sycophantic bloggers trying to be everybody's yes-bitch.)

  2. I admit i came on here to give you grief for saying that Australian’s must have low I.Q’s after reading Ninemsn and seeing your quote. However, after reading everything you wrote I have changed my mind (you are off the hook! lol). As for the appalling mess that America has made of Kath and Kim, I hope that they have learnt, don’t mess with other countries shows. I would have thought that they would have learnt after seeing them take on ‘The Office’. Sorry guys, No one can beat the English when it comes to humour. (Yes, I am an Australian giving the English a complement!)Cheers, Aunt Pol

  3. Must say that i am very glad to read your clarification. After reading about your comments i was ready to come here and rip you to shreds. Just because America doesn't get an aspect of Australian humour doesn't mean it wasn't good to start with. I questioned from the start the idea of a USA made Kath & Kim and didn't think it would translate very well… it's far too Australian. I guess i can see for my self when the US version airs on Sunday night. I just can't imagine it being any where on par with the original.

  4. Hey Glenn. I am Australian and anybody who is upset about your comments has clearly got some double standards.Kath and Kim is essentially a parody of Australian suburban culture. I don’t believe that the show is a true reflection on Australian society (perhaps a small section of society is represented) but the whole show is about “taking the piss” out of ourselves. So those people getting all wound up over your comments probably do not watch or enjoy Kath or Kim. No offence to Americans but since I heard that the show was going to be made into a US version I struggled to see how Australian humour would be translated into American humour considering most things we find funny/ridiculous Americans find obscene and disgusting. Kath and Kim is a very Australian show and you need to either be Australian or have been exposed to Australian’s to probably find it funny. My sister in law is American and thinks Kath and Kim is hilarious but she herself has said that if she had not been exposed to so many Australian’s she would not understand it

  5. Oh, and please don’t bother reviewing the Australian version… It’s a very Australian show, made by Aussies for Aussies… unless you understand the concept of having salad and cold meat for christmas lunch, NOT drinking fosters, pulling bindis out of your toes, thongs going on your feet and you know what drop bears are and where to look for them, you just wont get it…. Oh, and if you do decide to watch it… don’t reveiw it unless you can say that one of the characters reminds you of your aunty shazza or uncle dazza.Cheers

  6. this project was destined to be a disaster from the beginning. There is no way that the australian humour portrayed in kath and kim could be translated into american humour. Even if americans watched the original kath and kim I dont think they would find it funny because they wouldnt understand it. Kath and kim (the aussie one) is one of my favourite shows of all time and I plan on boycotting the american one as they have ruined and butchered an australian classic. All I can say is I’m glad magda szubanski didnt sell the rights to character sharon so thats at least one thing NBC hasn’t been able to butcher!

  7. I, also, am very glad that you clarified your comment. I, too, was about to leave scathing comments about the IQ of the average American in retaliation for what I read in the newsreport, although in hindsight trusting reporting from ninemsn is like expecting that the US version of Kath and Kim would even come close to matching the Aussie version (no one expects it to come close so all these bad reviews come as no surprise). I’ll still be watching on Sunday night so I can judge for myself – with expections this low I might actually like it!

  8. i, like the others also read your comments and am offended that you would say that we have lower IQs than Americans because we ‘dummed’ down our beloved series for your people, please dont make assumptions that we are the lesser intelligence when you have not even viewed our side of the show. Kath and Kim is a fantastic series and is just a funny show, im sure once you see the aussie version then you can owe us an apology unless you, the americans have a lower IQ. Thankyou.

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