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Martinis and French Fries



When I first saw this Australian TV series on IFC, I thought at first it was about furries, but it’s not. It’s just a man dressed in a dog suit, who for all intents and purposes is the dog. Just use your imagination. The thing is, this dog, Wilfred, played by Jason Gann, just happens to talk, and just like the American “Davey and Goliath” or even the Son of Sam if you like, only Wilfred’s mistress’ boyfriend, played by Adam Zwar, can hear him talk.

The subtly hysterical and sometimes downright mean and always raunchy series, created and written by Gann and Zwar, airs on Tuesday evenings on the Independent Film Channel, check it out.

Poetry and Cheese

Wendy Richard Passes

While most American audiences will recognize her much younger in her role as Miss Brahms in the popular PBS Brit-com “Are You Being Served?” she will always be Pauline Fowler to me. Wendy Richard passed away this morning after a long battle with bone cancer.

The “EastEnders” matriarch ruled on the soap for over twenty-one years, and was also featured in a few of the “Carry On” films. She won an MBE for television in 2000 and will be sorely missed by many all over the world. Albert Square is just a bit more sad and empty tonight.

Here she is in all her glory, fighting the good fight with Peggy Mitchell, as played by Barbara Windsor, also a “Carry On” veteran. Go get ‘er, Pauline!

Philip Jose Farmer 1918-2009

According to his website, prolific science fiction and fantasy author Philip Jose Farmer passed away in his sleep yesterday morning.

To many he will be remembered as the creator of the “Riverworld” series of books or maybe as one of the fathers of the new wave of scifi in the 1950s and 1960s. Some may even have noted his style always making use of sexual and religious content. I will remember the first book of his I read, “Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life,” and how it brought all those pulp characters of another age to life for me. Farmer did similar things with Tarzan and Sherlock Holmes and other fictional characters that he gave new life to.

We have truly lost one of the greats, and he will be missed…

My American Idol

With all the talk this season at “American Idol” of being more serious and whittling down the more popular freakshow element of the audition phase of the series, it appears that the star so far (at least in my eyes) turns out to be Nick Mitchell AKA Norman Gentle.

If you want to rude about it, you might call Nick this season’s William Hung, but that’s not right at all. The difference is that Nick is legitimately talented, multifaceted talented. His over-theatrical alter-ego Norman Gentle is hysterical and brought the house down last night, as well as spotlighting an amazing singing voice as well. The judges may not have been pleased, but the audience loved him.

Now if America loved him as much as I do, and the Kodak Theater audience did, this just might be the most entertaining “American Idol” season yet.

Nick Fury Is Back

For all the hardcore comic book fans and those movie viewers who stayed past the credits of last summer’s Marvel Comics superhero blockbuster Iron Man, Samuel L. Jackson stole the show with his minute and half as SHIELD Director Nick Fury. It was a dream role for Jackson as the Ultimate version of the character was in fact designed after his own image.

Fans panicked a month or so back when rumors indicated that Jackson would not be returning to this role, especially with the character’s integral status regarding current and future Marvel movie characters like Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America and especially the Avengers, the last one being the subject of the above-mentioned film appearance of Fury.

The good news is that Variety reported yesterday that Jackson will officially be playing the Marvel Comics super spy in a total of nine films, including Iron Man 2 and The Avengers. Of course the inclusion of something called “The Shield” among those films seems to indicate that either the folks at Variety have a hearing problem or they’re using TV Guide‘s research people…

The Keene Act & YOU

A public service announcement from 1977…

Watchmen opens nationwide on March 6th…

Kelly Groucutt of ELO Passes

The bassist of the Electric Light Orchestra from 1974-1983, Kelly Groucutt, passed away suddenly on Thursday from complications of a heart attack. Rock and Roll Heaven just got one hell of a bass player…

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