Jon and Kate… Again, Now Go Away

High on my list of folks I’d like to see go away are Jon and Kate Gosselin. Up until their marriage troubles, “Jon & Kate Plus 8” was just another one of many mildly entertaining reality shows that populated the higher end of the cable dial. When the crap hit the fan and the media machine started to fill the public in on what the two were really up to when the cameras were off, suddenly they became interesting, and their show –which for the most part ignored these allegations- instantly became The Learning Channel’s number one show.

By the time they started to own up to the fact that there were problems – and yesterday’s announcement of their impending divorce as well as last night’s episode detailing their separation – no one really cared anymore. I know I don’t. Let’s face it. The novelty is gone. Much like Susan Boyle, it’s time for them to go now.

To be honest, I’m surprised Jon has lasted as long as he has. Kate is more than a handful – and I am being sooo nice when I say that. However if the producers are smart, and want the high ratings to continue I think they should immediately take a new tact in the direction of the series. Make it about each of them out in the dating world. Heck, if watching them with each other wasn’t hilarious enough, imagine them interacting with real people…



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Glenn Walker is a professional writer, and editor-in-chief and contributing writer at Biff Bam Pop!. A blogger, podcaster, and reviewer of pop culture in all its forms, he's done stints in radio, journalism and video retail. Ask him anything about movies, television, music, or especially comics or French fries, and you’ll be hard pressed to stump him or shut him up.

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