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Lost Hits of the New Wave #2

“Walking in the Rain” by Grace Jones.

We touched on this one in the last entry of “Lost Hits of the New Wave.” This song was originally recorded by Flash and the Pan on their debut album. The legendary Grace Jones covered it with unique Grace style as the fourth single from her classic LP “Nightclubbing,” one of several covers on that album.

I love Grace, she’s one of my favorite artists. She’s still out there, and most recently toured in 2009, with her newest album, “Hurricane.”

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The Sandwich King’s Favorite Fried Food Recipes

The Collingswood Book Festival 2011

Every autumn, booklovers celebrate reading when they converge in the historic town of Collingswood, NJ.  This award-winning, all-volunteer book festival is a big literary event with a small-town, friendly ambiance.  A week of activities will culminate on Saturday, October 1, 2011, 10 AM to 4 PM.

Festival-goers will have an opportunity to stroll more than six blocks of the main street filled with nationally recognized authors/speakers for adults and children, as well as booksellers, storytellers, poetry readings, workshops, exhibitors, kid-friendly activities, and entertainment for all ages.

All events are free. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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French Fry Diary 274: Captain Cook’s Snack Company 2011

The All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast for 9-28-2011

The All Things Fun! New Comics Vidcast is shot live in a real comics and gaming store in West Berlin, NJ – All Things Fun! – co-hosts Allison (Con Voodoo) Eckel and Glenn (Pro Voodoo) Walker (giver of leis Ed Evans jumps in once or twice) discuss the new comics out this week in two fun video segments, now in high definition, and also available on YouTube. See it here!

The first segment includes discussion of the following topics: Gifts from Hawaii, The New DC 52 including Geoff Johns’ fantastic Aquaman #1, also Peter Milligan’s Justice League Dark #1, Francis Manapul’s Flash #1, Savage Hawkman #1, Blackhawks #1, Gail Simone’s Fury of Firestorm #1 and Superman #1.

The discussion continues in segment two including: The Avengers and orange comic book covers, Mighty Thor #6, FF #9, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2, Spider-Island and the rest of the Marvels, Brilliant #1 and Castle: Deadly Storm both by Brian Michael Bendis, I Vampire #1, Batman The Dark Knight #1, New Guardians #1, Teen Titans #1, Superman HeroClix, Star Trek Fleet Captains, a million trades, and much discussion of Ron Marz’ Voodoo #1.

Be sure to check out the All Things Fun! website, and the All Things Fun! Blogs, by Allison and Glenn, and ATF! on YouTube.

And be back here every Wednesday morning at 11:30 AM EST to watch the new broadcast, and thereafter throughout the week!

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Random Tater Pic of the Day #19

French Fry Diary 273: Roaring Fork, Wilderness Lodge

The Zombie Apocalypse and Why I Hate Jeff

One of the games hat I downloaded a demo of from the PlayStation Store was called Zombie Apocalypse. It seemed a natural based on my desire to “just shoot stuff.” I mean, come on, what’s better that shooting zombies? Shooting zombies is the basis for so many fun things – the Night of the Living Dead movies, the House of the Dead games, and even government disaster contingency plans. When I saw this one available as a demo, I went to downloadin’.

The characters provided as your controller-controlled protagonist are intriguing and would do better in a role-playing game than as videogame fodder, but still it adds some charm and flair to the game. Essentially, like most zombie scenarios, you’re left alive and zombies are attacking – you fight back. Every time I tried this one, the zombies descended on me quickly and I died almost immediately. Even if I had a gun, or a chainsaw, it didn’t matter – I became one of the walking dead rather quickly.

I had moved on to other games in the meantime. Jeff and Crystal came over one night and we gravitated to the game console and were looking for something to play. I wanted to show them the demos I had downloaded. First Crystal one-upped me in Nucleus, showing me new games and new levels I was unaware of. See what I mean about needing a PS3 mentor when you’re a beginner?

Next, I showed them Zombie Apocalypse, mostly because the title jumped out at them as much as it did me initially. Crystal first reaction to the player characters was pretty much the same as mine, she thought they would be great for the Call of Cthulhu tabletop rpg. She lasted a bit longer than my sixteen second record. She even managed to tear up some of the zombies with her chainsaw.

Then Jeff took the controller. He immediately began to mow through the zombies. After a bout a minute or two, Crystal and I began to object. Jeff shrugged it off as years of experience and having watched the two of us play first. As he continued to trash the dead and even perform new abilities like save innocents and offer bait to the zombies, I got angrier. I had been watching people play videogames on this thing for months and I’m still not any better at it.

I’m convinced Jeff is a mutant, and his mutant power is an unnatural ability to play videogames. I’m going to report him to the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters, or better yet, tell the Sentinels where to find him… after he tells me all his gaming secrets…

Lost Hits of the New Wave #1

“Hey, St. Peter” by Flash and the Pan.

This one-hit wonder tune hit hard in the summer of 1977, and was provided unprecedented airplay on both top 40 and rock radio stations in the Philadelphia area. I recall hearing it exhaustedly on WYSP, WPST, and WIFI, all radio stations now deceased. The band was spun out of The Easybeats and had some success in its native Australia and in the UK.

A self-titled album from Flash and the Pan hit in 1978. Although they never pulled a second hit from it, the record also included “Walking in the Rain,” which Grace Jones would later have her own hit with as a cover. “Hey, St. Peter” was their only US hit.

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