Lost Hits of the New Wave #10

“Turn the Other Way Around” by Quincy

You know all that 1970s movies and television about teenagers in high school just hanging out? You know how every kid represented a stereotype or a character type? There was always the one geeky kid who was carrying a radio or sometimes even an early boombox whose entire life revolved around that radio? Yeah, that was me circa 1979-1980 and later unfortunately. It’s true, I was almost “Angie Baby.”

I used to play this game with my friends, where they would turn the dial from one end of the FM band to the other, stopping at each broadcasting station, and if it was music, I would have to, and usually could name the song title, the artist, and sometimes the album. So yeah, there was a time when I was a vast storehouse of useless knowledge for not just comics, but also pop music.

That running from band end to band end made me discover a whole new world before 92.5 FM (at the time WIFI, a top 40 outlet), – college radio. One of the first new bands I heard on these buried treasure radio stations playing music I had never heard before was local band Quincy.

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About Glenn Walker

Glenn Walker is a professional writer, and editor-in-chief and contributing writer at Biff Bam Pop!. A blogger, podcaster, and reviewer of pop culture in all its forms, he's done stints in radio, journalism and video retail. Ask him anything about movies, television, music, or especially comics or French fries, and you’ll be hard pressed to stump him or shut him up.

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