So Who’s This Zelda Chick Anyway?

Nothing hits home with the admission that I am a non-gamer more than when I am confronted with stuff I don’t know, and worse yet, stuff I know I should know. Like Zelda.

The Dark Crystal recently invited me to a big orchestra event where they would be playing the music from the Legend of Zelda videogames. The inference in the invitation is first, that this was a big thing, and second, that everyone knows who Zelda is. I do not, and I felt stupid.

Even my buddy Ray had recently given me a hard time because I admitted not knowing who Zelda was. Apparently he was further incensed because it was a game even I could play. Ray was ashamed of me. I was crushed. Who was this Zelda chick, and why was she ruining my life?

I did what everyone does in this situation, I visited Google, and then Google for dummies (that’s me apparently in this case), Wikipedia. Turns out she’s not just anyone named Zelda, bitch is legend, as in The Legend of Zelda. I knew she was a Nintendo product, but I had no idea she was the star of some sixteen different games on at least a dozen different game systems. Zelda gets around.

Now here are the facts. Zelda was named after the famous Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of the even more famous F. Scott. Game designer Shigeru Miyamoto thought it was a pleasant sounding name for a princess. The game itself is based on the designer’s own experiences as a boy where he explored the hills, lakes, forests, and caves around his home.

As inferred by Crystal’s invitation to a concert, the music of The Legend of Zelda is also quite famous and distinctive. Koji Kondo, a legend in music and audio for Nintendo composed the soundtracks for much of the game series, including musical clues and cues throughout. His work can also be found in the Mario and Starfox games.

The story of the game is fairly simple, or at least I’ll dumb it down quite a bit here. You play the hero Link, and you have to quest for stuff in the land of Hyrule to rescue the princess, Zelda. Like I said, I streamlined this baby. It gets more complicated the more you get into it. Link is sorta a cross between Peter Pan and the elf from Gauntlet in appearance, and has been parodied on Cartoon Network’s “Drawn Together.” Hyrule is your typical fantasy land, and Zelda, is usually the damsel in distress, only there to be saved or served. Later versions of course are playable, and more independent.

Well now that I have a little foreknowledge, and won’t be made to feel as stupid as before, maybe I’ll play one of these games in the future…

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  1. You totally should try playing The Legend of Zelda series. I've been a gamer my whole life (21 years) and I can say without a doubt, Zelda is my absolute favorite game franchise. If you can, buy yourself a Wii. Every Zelda game ever made on consoles (not the handheld adventures) can be played in some form on the Wii.The Legend of Zelda (original)- 5 bucks via download on Wii shop. <–Classic!!Zelda II: Adventure of Link – 5 bucks on Wii shop. <–Fun but without a doubt my least favorite.Zelda: A link to the Past – 8 bucks on Wii shop <–this is my favorite out of the old 2D Zeldas.Zelda: Ocarina of Time – 10 bucks on Wii Shop <–basically the highest reviewed game of all time.Zelda: Majora's Mask – 10 bucks on Wii Shop <– My favorite 3D adventure.Zelda: Wind Waker – If you get a Game Cube controller and memory card, you can play this Game Cube game on the Wii.Zelda: Twilight Princess – You can get this in the form of a Wii disc or Gamecube disc.Zelda: Skyward Sword – Wii game only. This game has the heaviest emphasis on motion control.While Skyward Sword is the first in the time line. You can play any game in any order. I highly recommend you try some of these games asap 😀

  2. sorry it get old i have been a hardcore gamer all my life 24 years i have played every game out there and system the woman has show up about 3 or 4 times in the games …gaming trying to get girls to play video games now

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