The Tacky 80s Kitschmas Showdown

The Dumpsta Players are back! Tomorrow night, Wednesday, December 19th, at Bob and Barbara’s Lounge in Philly!

Pia Zahora Vs. Debbie Getsome! Frosty Jacks Vs. Hot Tamale! Amanda Playwithe gets sleazy! Plus The 2012 Dumpsta Awards and Highlights Show!

Bob and Barbara’s Lounge, 1509 South Street, Philadelphia, PA

Doors open at 10:00 PM, Showtime is 11:00 PM Sharp!

Up from the depths of the bedraggled decade of The 80s come dagloo ditties of the Holiday Season! Lost between pastels and swatches of gaudy glare, Pia Zahora throws down her exhaustive almost hits! Yoko Ono wipes out while walking on thin ice and Aldo Nova rocks the Kitschmas metal! Debbie Getsome takes us on a slipshod Sleigh Ride, and Amanda Playwithe shoots us with her sexxxy mess! But what happens when chintzy non-chums Frosty Jacks and Hot Tamale make a play for Pia? And what advice does Father Queeno Santucci have for the Hypercolor dressed set?

Crank up your boombox, cut your hair into a mullet but don’t miss the tawdry conclusion of… “TACKY 80S KITSCHMAS SHOWDOWN”!

A portion of the proceeds from the performance of “Tacky 80s Kitschmas Showdown” will go to MANNA.

Check out the Dumpsta Players on Facebook, YouTube, and on their own website.

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Glenn Walker is a professional writer, and editor-in-chief and contributing writer at Biff Bam Pop!. A blogger, podcaster, and reviewer of pop culture in all its forms, he's done stints in radio, journalism and video retail. Ask him anything about movies, television, music, or especially comics or French fries, and you’ll be hard pressed to stump him or shut him up.

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