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Eurovision 2010 – Greece

Greece goes both traditional and dance this year with “Opa! by Giorgos Alkaios & Friends. Always a strong contender in the Eurovision Song Contest, this one will place high.

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Three More from Eurovision 2010

Sweden: “This Is My Life” by Anna Bergendahl.

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Eurovision 2010 – Belgium

Belgium’s entry into this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – “Me and My Guitar” by Tom Dice.

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Eurovision 2010 – Germany

, one of the stronger competitors in my opinion, dancey and campy enough to win in this year of ballad overflow.

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Romania Heats Up Eurovision

Another hot entry into this year’s Eurovision Song Contest – from Romania, “Playing with Fire” by Paula Seling & Ovi.

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Now That’s Eurovision

After dreary ballad after dreary ballad, finally The Netherlands offer something more in the spirit of past Eurovision Song Contests. Their entry for this year is the quirky and catchy “Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha-la-lie)” by seventeen year-old Sieneke.

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Eurovision 2010 – Denmark

Sounding like a 1980s pop power ballad, Chanée and N’Evergreen give us “In a Moment Like This”, Denmark’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest for 2010.

Intriguing staging and presentation, but perhaps not enough glitz for the contest – but then again, based on what else we’ve seen so far of the finalists… maybe it is enough.

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Eurovision 2010 – Finland

Finland’s entry into Eurovision 2010 – “Työlki Eellää” by Kuunkuiskaajat. Hmmm… I guess there’s no chance they could get Lordi to come back for another try?

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Golden Rain?

“Golden Rain” really isn’t a very appetizing title for a song, but that’s how “Il Pleaut de Lo’r” translates into English.

This year’s Swiss entry into Eurovision is by the young man with the interesting hair, Michael von der Heide, who has been on the top of the Swiss chart since the 1990s.

I still haven’t seen or heard anything this year that grabs me, but at least this isn’t a ballad… even though I shudder when I think about what it could really be about…

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Eurovision 2010 – Malta

Here’s Thea Garrett with “My Dream,” Malta’s entry for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. It seems that of the dozen or so final entries in already, many are long boring ballads like this one. I certainly hope the remaining countries inject some of the usual Eurovision quirkiness into their music or this stands to be a fairly boring competition this year…

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