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The Paradox

Ike Turner died this week. Rather than reprint the usual obit as I have done with numerous others I’m just going to babble a bit, as this one fascinates me.

Every report and obit I have read and heard so far about Ike Turner has had the same attitude. It’s almost like we’re both glad and sad he’s dead. Yes, he’s one of the pioneers of rock and roll and rhythm and blues, but he’s also a monster that brutalized his wife. The fact that said wife eventually became a much beloved superstar on her own doesn’t help that.

These reports me of something I heard once about Hitler, that he was a talented painter who was quite fond of dogs. Now, trust me, I’m not comparing Ike Turner to Adolf Hitler, but that’s what some of the news reporting Turner’s death have sounded like. He was great BUT, he was a monster BUT – that kind of stuff.

One might say he created Tina Turner, but he took her as far as he could and others including herself, made her what she is today. He may have jumpstarted the car, but she won the race. Either way, we’ve lost someone who won’t be missed.