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Dolemite Dies

The ‘Disco Godfather’ Rudy Ray Moore passed away from complications from diabetes this week.

He was one of the icons of the blaxploitation film genre as Dolemite, a black protagonist who was sort of a streetwise hustler of questionable yet good intentions. This was a role Moore returned to several times over the years starting with The Human Tornado. The character of Dolemite experienced something of a revival in recent years with Aries Spears portraying ‘the son of Dolemite’ on “MadTV.” Rumor has it there is a Rudy Ray Moore Dolemite film yet to be released, as well as a remake in the works possibly starring Snoop Dogg in the title role.

The original Dolemite trailer is below. Not for the kids, nor is it work-safe. View at your own risk.

Rudy Ray Moore, over and beyond his legendary status as an actor, action hero and black film icon, was also a writer, stand-up comedian, rapper, musician and producer. The man will be missed.