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W. ~ There’s no way around this one, so I’m warning y’all up front – this is going to be messy, and worse than that, this is going to get political. And in reviewing W., I think I need to make my political standings clear.

I voted for George W. Bush once, and quickly soured on that decision in light of his behavior in both a post-9/11, and a pre-9/11 world. I didn’t make the same mistake twice. The following election brought me to independent candidates and in the most recent I was a major Barack Obama supporter, even when my faith in him wavered during the election, I still proudly gave him the vote. I believed in the man, and even though we remain in a war (or wars) we shouldn’t be in, I still do. Nobody’s perfect.

The point of bringing up President Obama is that I wonder if director Oliver Stone would ever make a similar movie about Obama in the same way he made W. I wonder this because W. is character assassination, pure and simple. I also can’t help but wonder why make such a film about a man that quite clearly is and was pretty much hated anyway. And it’s one thing to make a film, admittedly based on fact, that makes a man look bad, but another thing entirely to have nothing that makes him look good in the whole film. I don’t like the junior Bush myself, but I’m sure he has a soul and treats animals well. Heck, even Hitler was fond of dogs and liked to paint. I’m not asking for anyone to make a bad man look like a saint, but at least half the voting citizens of this country voted for him twice – he must have some good attributes.

Oliver Stone is also someone I dislike, but for different reasons. He makes movies based on real events, but frequently, in films like JFK, The Doors and Nixon (just three examples out of many) he depicts scenes that really no one could know about. Scenes of people alone doing things they would never admit to. How does anyone know about this?

All that said, technically it’s a well made film. Well shot, well written and Josh Brolin is impressive. Brolin should have asked Stone for some sympathetic scenes however, so he might have gotten an Oscar nod. But as I said, no sympathy here. And I sure would like to see footage of the real press conference that last scene is based on, ‘cause I must have been asleep that newsday. I can’t wait for Stone’s Obama and Hitler bio-pics, so I can compare and contrast.

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More of the Same, Just Earlier

I just finished watching the first episode of the new prime time version of “The Tonight Show,” um, I mean “The Jay Leno Show.” I was unimpressed. I wish I wasn’t, but that was how I saw it. It’s just more of the same stuff we were getting at 11:30 three months ago.

There’s literally nothing new here. I still wouldn’t tune in for Jay Leno, no offense, he’s just not that funny for me, but rather for his guests. And if Jay continues to softball the guests, especially when they are Twitter of-the-moment hot like Kanye West – what’s the point really?

A few comments about tonight’s episode… I gotta give props to Dan Finnerty, but really, when isn’t he entertaining? Still, I like him better doing covers, but that’s just me. I want the desk back. Jerry Seinfeld certainly is fighting a losing battle against male pattern baldness, but he’s still funny. I kinda liked the Obama bit but I was sad that Jay stooped to stealing two decade old Weird Al MTV bits. And speaking of MTV and the VMAs, as heartfelt and sincere as Kanye’s apology was, I think he could have rehearsed it more. And killer performance by Kanye, Jay-Z and Rhianna.

If you liked Jay at 11:30, you’ll love him an hour and a half earlier, just don’t expect any surprises.

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Colbert ’08

Politics this election season are permeating every aspect of society, especially lately, the world of comics.

There have been comics featuring Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and John McCain. Todd McFarlane’s Savage Dragon endorsed Obama, as have a group of politically active comics creators called Comics Industry for Obama. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, just wait ’til you see what Marvel Comics is doing.

In the fictional Marvel Universe, Stephen Colbert, of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report,” is actually running for president. In a running gag running in the background of many Marvel Comics, you can see his presidential campaign and find the details here. Colbert even weighs in on problems that could only affect a world with super-heroes, like the alien Skrull invasion.

Stephen Colbert makes his first full Marvel Comics appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #573, featuring the special variant cover shown here. Hmmm… I wonder who Spidey’s voting for?

Female Force

Senator Hillary Clinton is getting her own comic book.

I wonder how Obama and the Savage Dragon feel about this?

The Savage Dragon Endorses Barack Obama

From Comics Continuum:


Image Comics has revealed that in Savage Dragon #137, the lead character will endorse Democrat Barack Obama for president with a special variant cover.

“Four years ago the Dragon was a reluctant presidential candidate,” Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen said. “Fans have asked if he’ll be running again, but given the importance of the upcoming election it seemed appropriate that he would back Barack Obama, the candidate whose politics most reflect his own. Savage Dragon will be giving Barack Obama his full support.”

Savage Dragon made his initial play for the presidential election in the 2004 campaign, but rescinded once the man claiming to be his running mate turned out to be Dreadknight, a supervillain bent on world domination.

Savage Dragon #137 will sport a special 1:5 variant cover featuring Dragon formally endorsing Obama.

The issue will be in stores on Sept. 3.

I really dislike talking politics on this blog but I figured I should say something about this.

Personally I am myself leaning toward Barack Obama this election. I’m not a follower of party lines but more of what is actually said and done. I think Obama is a good man.

Likewise, at different points in the Savage Dragon’s publishing history I have followed the character’s adventures. The Dragon’s creator, Erik Larsen, is an amazing force in the comics industry. Sometimes I am in awe of his business savvy and creativity, and sometimes I am stunned by his outspokenness and outright stupidity (at least to my mind).

My main question and confusion comes from the idea that anyone would take the endorsement by a fictional character seriously…

Well, “Laugh-In” helped Nixon and “Arsenio Hall” helped Clinton… who’s to say that a front cover endorsement in Savage Dragon #137 won’t get Barack Obama elected?