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Quickies 9-15-2010

Drag Me To Hell ~ A young loan officer arbitrarily refuses to extend an old gypsy woman’s mortgage and is cursed, hilarity ensues, as they say. As the lamia, a goat-like demon from Hell, pursues the young woman, she tries desperately to break the curse. This is a fairly scary new entry from writer/director Sam Raimi finally getting back to his horror roots. Except for the casting of Justin Long and a couple painfully cartoony moments, this is an excellent scare-fest, worth seeing, but keep the lights on.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo ~ The first filmed part of the Millenium Trilogy by the late Stieg Larsson is much more streamlined and exciting than its literary counterpart, no slow or dense parts like the book. Good mystery, good action, well cast with great soundtrack – recommended. It’s so perfect, I am almost dreading the American version coming next year.

Nanny McPhee Returns ~ Also known as Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang overseas, this family film sequel, based on the Nurse Matilda books by Christianna Brand, is a bit formulaic, but still a lot of fun.

Jennifer’s Body ~ Taken as a black comedy, this one is actually rather good. It has a very Kevin Williamson tongue-in-cheek feel to it, but is actually written by the infamous Diablo Cody, who brings her own unique sensibility to it. Quirky and more real than a lot of horror of this kind, this was a lot better than I thought it would be. Check it out.

61* ~ I’m not a big baseball fan, and I’m even less of a Billy Crystal fan, so I was surprised I liked this baseball flick directed by Crystal. The HBO movie recounts the summer of 1961 as Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle both strive to break Babe Ruth’s single season home run record. Thomas Jane is terrific as Mantle. Recommended.

Komodo Vs. Cobra ~ This low budget SyFy special features bad writing, bad CGI effects and bad acting that would make porn actors blush. It stars, along with badly realized giant reptiles, Michael Pare from the decades ago Eddie and the Cruisers and reality TV star Jerry Manthey from “Survivor” who seems to want to prove she’s a better actress without a script. Miss this one.

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French Fry Diary 47: Casey’s Corner, Magic Kingdom

Harry Kalas RIP

The voice of the Philadelphia Phillies, Harry Kalas, passed away today. Before today’s game he had passed out in the broadcast booth in Washington and didn’t wake up. Kalas was 73.

For decades, and for generations of Phillies fans, he was The Man. We would rather listen to him on the radio than any other announcer on television. He was a legend and he was a friend. He will be sorely missed, and the Phillies will never be the same again.

With all due respect, the man, the legend, Harry Kalas is…“Outta here…”

The Rookie (2002)


A Film Review of “The Rookie” (2002)

Copyright 2002 Glenn Walker

What was the last G-rated movie that wasn’t Disney or animated? I’m thinking we have to go back to 1976 or 1977 with Grizzly Adams or Wilderness Family. Well, here we go again, but surprise, this was good – remarkably good. I’m no baseball fan and certainly no Dennis Quaid fan. I wouldn’t want him to fall into a wood chipper like say Robin Williams or Billy Crystal but neither am I his cheerleader. He does admirably as Jim Morris, an excellent performance surrounded by excellent performances.

The old folks in the town, the kids on Quaid’s baseball team and especially his wife, father and son are all played by wonderful supporting folk. The stand out however is Trevor Morgan who plays the young Jim Morris and was previously seen in The Sixth Sense and had a recurring role on “ER.” This kid is going places.

This one is of course another based on a true story but untainted by the hand of Ron Howard so I think it’s probably pretty accurate. It blends the triumph of Rocky with the magic of The Natural and a twist of Field of Dreams thrown in for good measure. It runs a bit long but you really don’t feel it because it has a good flow. I’d see this one again, in all its good natured inoffensive G-rated glory.

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