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A Video Review of “Brother”

Copyright 2002 Glenn Walker

When it comes to Japanese gangster cinema Beat Takashi is The Man. As a director he is a masterful genius, as an actor he is invincible. He strides through this movie like Clint Eastwood through a 1960s Italian western – no one can touch him.

In Brother he comes to America and ruthlessly takes over territories and kills competition making friends and enemies as he goes along. This movie takes all the action of Hong Kong, all the attitude of gangsta rap, all the violence of American Mafia flicks and all the clever cool of the Britmob pics and mashes it together into a fine wine of cinema.

It’s “Stranger in a Strange Land” meets Goodfellas. Very violent, visually exciting, excellent cool. See it.

Warning – the above trailer is very violent and may be inappropriate for most audiences. It’s also very indicative of what you’ll see in the flick itself.