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Happy Gilmore


A Video Review of Happy Gilmore

Copyright 2003 Glenn Walker

Anyone who read more than a few of my movie reviews will tell you I have a problem with Adam Sandler. That’s really not true. My opinion has nothing to do with how untalented, unfunny or ultimately how freaking annoying Mr. Sandler is. It’s just fact.

There are one or two Adam Sandler films that I actually like (The Wedding Singer, for instance) and can watch without retching (although it should be noted I have not seen every Adam Sandler film (there is a God) so I might be missing some hidden treasure but I doubt it).

Happy Gilmore is one I can stand. Just when you thought the Caddyshack movies (my god, it hurts that there were more than one, doesn’t it?) had used up all the golf jokes, you get this flick.

It’s an amusing premise; Sandler is an ex-hockey player with an uncanny golf ability who tries to play the game to make money for his grandmother. He doesn’t do any stupid voices. The story is predictable but funny. The fight with Bob Barker is classic. “The price is wrong, bitch!”

See? I don’t hate every Adam Sandler film.