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The Super Cops

The Super Cops ~ Okay, I have to admit, when I first saw this movie back in the mid to late seventies I felt tricked. The name of the movie is ‘Super’ Cops, and the movie posters, TV advertising, and even the novelization said it was about the real life Batman and Robin. What an awful thing to do to a ten year old. If you promise me Batman and Robin, I’d better get Batman and Robin.

Sadly, there’s really none to be found here. In the footage of the real cops at the beginning, Dave Greenberg is wearing a red and white Batman t-shirt. In the midst of the movie there’s a sequence where neighborhood kids tease Greenberg, played by Ron Liebman, and Robert Hantz, played by David Selby, calling them Batman and Robin. That’s about all you get. Of course it doesn’t help that “Batman” TV show writer Lorenzo Semple Jr. scripted the film. I felt tricked. I wanted superheroes.

Batman and Robin on the wall in their only cameo.

That said, this true story of two unorthodox cops in Brooklyn, who both the citizens and the press dubbed Batman and Robin is a intriguing and entertaining one. The story of Greenberg and Hantz is pretty typical of the 1970s cop movie, lighter fare than the similar and earlier Serpico. There’s also a bit of “Charlie’s Angels” in there as well, because the two are patrolmen who want to be more.

While it is funny and entertaining, sadly there’s very little actual chemistry between Liebman and Selby. And Selby’s bug-eyed staring into the camera is just unnerving and a little bit creepy. It might’ve made a half decent TV show rather than a movie. Some of the humor is forced, juvenile, and seems to be desperately in need of a laugh track. That might help it actually. Worth a watch if nothing else is on, or as a time capsule for the 1970s. It’s no Batman and Robin, ya know?

Farrah Fawcett Passes Away

To the right is the poster that everyone had in their bedroom in the mid to late seventies, or more accurately, the poster. While it sold almost twelve million copies, I didn’t have it myself but I did have a miniature version of it as well as pics from magazines up on my door. She was a sex symbol to probably every teenage boy in America in the seventies, and now, Farrah Fawcett has passed away.

Besides being every boy’s wet dream, she was also the wife of the guy we all wanted to be – Lee Majors, “The Six Million Dollar Man.” While only being in one season, she was the undisputed star of “Charlie’s Angels.” She also appeared in dozens of other television programs in the decade including her husband’s and anything from “Marcus Welby MD” to “Harry O” to “The Partridge Family.”

In the eighties she became romantically involved with Ryan O’Neal in a relationship that lasted the rest of her life. She moved on to breathtaking dramatic performances in Extremities and The Burning Bed that resulted in several awards and nominations. Throughout her long career she has remained a pop icon and always in our minds.

Farrah passed from complications of cancer. She was 62, and she will be missed.