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Comic Con Leftovers

Here’s a peek at a few of the previews and footage to come out of this weekend’s San Diego Comic Con…

“Arrow” debuts on the CW October 10th. Hmmm… looks like Green Arrow is a killer in this one. I wish they just would have spun Justin Hartley out of “Smallville,” at least we knew that was cool, and so much more faithful to the source material…

Season 3 of “The Walking Dead” debuts on October 14th.

I wish I had footage to show you from Pacific Rim, the movie I’m very excited about as a kaiju fan, but I guess this will have to do for now.

Dexter Season 5 Trailer

Direct from the San Diego Comic-Con. “Dexter” season five starts on Showtime September 26th 2010. Be there.

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True Blood: Trouble

We find out that Franklin works for Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi, and we see his true dynamic. It’s an interesting paradox, in his world, Franklin is a screw-up, but in our world a monster. I like it a lot. And of course the more we see of him, the more truly screwed up he appears. Franklin is really effed up. Man, Tara is in trouble.

Last week’s cliffhanger is a complete bust. Like Stephen King’s Rocketman analogy from Misery or a Brian Michael Bendis Avengers comic, we really don’t see how Sookie escapes from a bar full of transforming werewolves. We just pick up her and Alcide on the run afterward. Boo hiss.

Some observations from “Trouble”… I am really warming to Russell’s royal consort Talbot, and man, his electricity with Eric is something else. Also on the homoerotic horizon, it’s really nice to see Lafayette finally getting some non-pay romance in his life. Jason’s police subplot has advanced out of cartoonish territory and into sitcom maturity. I still see it as a waste of time better spent on more serious and important storylines. And Jessica has the best line of the episode – “Do not tip your waitress.”

There is a nice tense moment with Sookie, Alcide and packmaster Colonel Flood that I liked quite a bit. Moments like this elevate the show past the cheese/camp level it’s been rolling in since this season started and brings it back to basics again. Some folks love the cheese, but this is just my opinion.

On the opposite end of the cheese spectrum we get an Eric flashback, which are always more intriguing than Bill flashbacks. Not only do we get to see Eric’s family, but we also find out why he hates werewolves so much – and we learn who the real big bad of this season truly is.

And it’s nice to know that Bill still cares about Sookie. Especially after Alan Ball said he believed they were soul mates at the San Diego Comic-Con this weekend. At least we know where this will be going, eventually. And for the folks who have read all of Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels – I haven’t yet, so don’t spoil my fun. Another great cliffhanger – I hope we get to see the other side of this one.

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Baltimore Comic Con – "Day Three"

For most of us, there really was no “Day Three” at Baltimore, but most of the industry folks did stay one more day. It was for the big Diamond retailers meeting. This was the reason most of the announcements and news that usually flows from a major comic con did not do so during the weekend.

It all came out the next day, Monday. Comics being part of the entertainment business, we usually only think of it in the entertainment sense – but in reality, it is a business. As much as we don’t want to think this, this is about money. And Monday was not only for the news, it was for the money.

In my opinion, this was a good thing for the Baltimore Comic Con. It was a friendlier con and more people-oriented. Sure, it would have been nice to hear all about Siege and the Avengers returning to greatness and Dark Reign being over. And yes, it would have been cool to hear about DC bringing dead titles back to life as part of Blackest Night as well – but really, then this would have been like any other convention. Baltimore was better this way.

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San Diego Comic-Con Wrap-Up

It’s Monday and Comic-Con is over. So what happened? To be perfectly honest, not much, at least not comic-related. When San Diego began, it was a comic book event, but now and in recent years it has become more of a Hollywood event – more about promoting upcoming movies and television series than about comics. Lucky thing that many comics are becoming films and TV shows.

There were screenings and sneak peeks at projects like District 9, Where the Wild Things Are, Legion, “Hero Up,” and amazing new video games from both Marvel and DC Comics. There were panels and buzz about “24,” the final season of “Lost,” “ Caprica” and “Smallville” the last of which promises Metallo, Zod and the Justice Society of America in its next season.

In comics news, Marvel made the intriguing announcement that they have secured the rights to Marvelman. On the other side, DC has similarly announced that they now have the rights to the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents. We truly live in interesting times.

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