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The 2009 CAG Awards

From the New York Comic Con 2009 Schedule Guide #4:

CAG Awards

The Comicbook Artists Guild is both honored and excited to share with NYCC exhibitors and attendees the 2nd Annual CAG Awards emceed by Catch da Craze host Sam Vera. Join us as we recognize members for their excellence in categories of Best Writer and Artist and new categories including Best Web Comic and Art Direction Excellence.

And from one of their own press releases:

The Comicbook Artists Guild, L.L.C., founded in 2000, is a non-profit organization dedicated to the networking, education and support of comic book creators, writers and artists alike, regardless of amateur or professional status, skill levels or talent divisions. Currently, CAG operates membership chapters out of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Nebraska and a chapter abroad in Brazil, with interest in opening more chapters and continuing to grow. CAG’s goal is to advance the medium of comics through the creative experiences of its members. By bringing them together on projects of their choosing, the Guild perpetuates the positive aspects of the comics industry and its continuing contribution to popular culture.

I’ve always heard good things about the Comicbook Artists Guild, so I wanted to make time to attend this event and learn more about what goes on. There were about sixty folks in attendance for the awards ceremony, including those giving and receiving, and tuxes and eveningwear were optional. And at least this year’s Awards weren’t given out in a pub, even though the rumor is that CAG gives good party.

There were a lot of folks I either recognized or just knew by sight, like Rachel Kadushin, Michele Witchipoo, CAG president and founder Keith Murphey, Steve Kanaras, Everett and Susan Soares, and all the folks at Free Lunch Comics. All very talented people in the independent industry.

The winners this year were:

Best Story Writing: Shawnti Therrien for Meth: A Reason to Live

Best Story Art: Hector Rodriguez for Hell’s Blood

Best Single Story Created by a Team: Hell’s Blood by H. Rodriguez, S. Sheaffer and Murphey.

Best Writer: Everett Soares

Best Penciller: Hector Rodriguez

Best Inker: Alex Rivera

Best Colorist: Liz Ortiz

Best Letterer: Ed Traquino

Best Cartoonist: Matt Ryan

Best New Talent: Liz Ortiz

Production Excellence: Ed Traquino

Art Direction Excellence: James Rodriguez

Best Workshop/Panel: Matt Ryan (for all)

Best Web Comic Creator: ZMAN

And the special award for CAG MVP went to president and founder Keith Murphey

There was a lot of joy, passion, talent and friendship in that room. If you’re interested in joining CAG, check them out here.