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Bedtime Stories

Bedtime Stories ~ While a serviceable family film merging Adam Sandler and Disney into one big holiday package, it still has the stench of an Adam Sandler movie on its own.

It is a barely entertaining flick whose worse component is Sandler trying shove all of his usual trademark antics from previous movies into this one. And while the special effects are sometimes impressive, it’s a sad day when the effects come first and seem to have the story retrofitted around them. Courtney Cox is the best thing in this character-wise, and she’s hardly in it.

I guess after a few okay flicks, I have to go back to hating Adam Sandler again.


Scrubs – Sneak Peek

“Scrubs” returns to network television on January 6th, this time on ABC, and with Courtney Cox.

That Dirty Cox Girl

Other than “Torchwood” and “In Treatment,” and now that “Dexter” is on hiatus (props to CBS for broadcasting it on Sunday nights tho), my new favorite show is FX‘s “Dirt.”

Now I know I’ll be flamed for this, but I never got into “Friends,” heck, I seriously doubt I’ve ever seen an entire episode – so I guess I just never understood the draw of Courtney Cox. I never really cared for her in anything else either – not “Family Ties,” not the Scream flicks, not even “Misfits of Science,” which one might think would be right up my alley. Nope, I never got her, but I have to say this, she does evil really well, and that’s why I like “Dirt” so much.

Cox plays Lucy Spiller, ruthless editor of the “Dirt Now” tabloid, who will do just about anything to get a story. She is sooo eeevil, I love it. She’s also surrounded by a wonderful cast – Ian Hart as her schizophrenic photographer and barely reliable narrator of the show, Alexandra Breckenridge as a Lucy Jr who only wants everything she has, Jeffrey Nordling as her weasely boss and Josh Stewart as a wannabe James Dean/Brad Pitt who owes his career to Lucy.

“Dirt” is definitely an ensemble piece filled with folks you’ll love to hate. Oh, and “Friends” co-star Jennifer Aniston pops in from time to time for some action. Don’t miss this series, it rocks.