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RIP Captain Lou Albano

Even if you had no knowledge of wrestling whatsoever, you knew who Lou Albano was. He was Cyndi Lauper’s father in her most famous video “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Characterized by his loud Hawaiian shirts and his beard trademarked by rubberbands, the WWE remembered him as both “one of the company’s most popular and charismatic legends” and “one of the most hated men.” His career included a myriad of work including appearances on “Miami Vice” and voicing the cartoon Mario besides his long wrestling involvement. He passed away today in New York at 76.

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Robert Hazard 1948-2008

Philadelphia hometown hero and musician Robert Hazard passed away yesterday due to complications from pancreatic cancer. He would have been 60 later this month. The singer/songwriter will be greatly missed. In the 1980s he epitomized the Philadelphia music scene, ruling South Street at the Ripley Dance Club.

He became nationally known as the writer of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and also with his own ‘new wave’ one-hit wonder, “Escalator of Life.” It may have been a one-hit wonder for the rest of the world but folks in Philly had been hearing his music for years. His first EP, named after himself and his band, the Heroes, featured radio staples like “Change Reaction,” “Hang Around with You” and “Out of the Blue,” but these were all songs we all knew for years listening to WMMR and WYSP.