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A Video Review of Bulletproof

Copyright 2003 Glenn Walker

Damon Wayans is funny about half the time and Adam Sandler is never funny so when I sat down to view Bulletproof (there was nothing else on, I couldn’t reach the remote, there wasn’t a gun handy) I figured it had a 25% chance of being funny. This would be a bet I would lose.

Sandler and Wayans begin the film as buddies, car thieves stealing and having a good time. However it turns out Wayans is really an undercover cop trying to use Sandler to get evidence on the big crime boss James Caan (who is completely wasted here, come on we know he can act, let him!).

After Wayans is revealed and the two betray each other it turns out they must work together to get Caan. They spend the bulk of the flick at odds with each other which sucks because the chemistry between them as friends is gone when they’re not. They work well together as buddies so why not write a film where they’re buddies all the way through? Play to your strengths, right? And considering we’re talking about Adam Sandler here you need to take advantage of all the strengths you can get your hands on.

Wayans has proven himself in drama and comedy and is pretty good in this more-drama-than-comedy. Sandler is terrible as usual and of course is never funny. At least he doesn’t lapse into his stupid moron voices here… much.

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