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Kidnapped – The Complete Series

“Kidnapped” – the Complete Series ~ The 2006 TV season had two new shows that completely blew me away, and then both quickly went away. I’ve talked about “Day Break” before, but what I’m talking about today is “Kidnapped.” While I was able to watch the former series online, I waited for the DVD set of “Kidnapped” to catch up on this one. Much like “Day Break,” the complete series resolved the story for the most part. But much like “Lost” or “24,” it felt like perhaps they didn’t know how it would end when it began.

That aside, this was one of the best shows on television and I think it’s a sin that perhaps less than the whole series was actually aired. The young son of wealthy, powerful parents is kidnapped and they hire a freelance and unorthodox kidnapping expert to get their son back. Between him and the FBI, a massive conspiracy is uncovered that spurs a mystery that spans the complete series. Action and suspense television at its best.

The breathy and dangerous Jeremy Sisto plays kidnapping expert Knapp. This is probably what got him the Batman voice role in New Frontier. Christian Bale should take notes. Knapp is both opposed by and aided by FBI agent Delroy Lindo who proves that age doesn’t take anything away from being an action star. Rounding out the cast are Timothy Hutton and the sexy Dana Delany as the parents. Each episode follows another day and another aspect of the case. This is great television, recommended for fans of “The Wire” or “The Sopranos.” As a matter of fact, this is so good, it’s amazing that HBO didn’t make it.