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The Kit Kat Bric-A-Brac Broadway Revue

The Dumpsta Players Present – “The Kit Kat Bric-A-Brac Broadway Revue”

Wednesday, February 17th
10PM doors, 11PM showtime — sharp!
$1.99 cover 21+

@ Bob and Barbara’s Lounge
1509 South Street
Philadelphia, PA
Info: (215) 545-4511


This is the dawning of the age of sugarius! Imagine Happy Hour at the candy shop and all the different sweet snacks wanna show off some Broadway! Blow Pop could have danced all night! Butterfinger is just a girl who can’t say no! Bit-O-Honey’s life is a cabaret! See Almond Joy and Mounds in a tap dance extravaganza!

Join the Dumpstas as we ride a sugar high down the Hershey Highway! Enjoy selections from “Hair,” “Spring Awakening,” “Grease,” and “West Side Story!”

Have some sweet charity and take it slow, daddy-o, in –
“The Kit Kat Bric-A-Brac Broadway Revue”!

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"High School Musical" on Stage

I saw the stage version of High School Musical tonight at the Academy of Music. Big hugs and special thanks to Crystal for getting these tickets for The Bride and I.

And I think it’s rather ironic that I saw this the night after seeing the latest Harry Potter flick, as they both have something in common. Both events don’t really play well all that much on their own, but need a primer – the original source material – to be complete.

High School Musical was the ridiculously popular and scary surprise hit TV movie the Disney Channel aired a couple years ago. Three sequels in the works, a cast that have become pseudo-stars, a hit soundtrack and now a stage show, it’s more phenomenon than anything else. The flick is about high school cliques, being yourself and of course lotsa singing and dancing.

The reason I bring the movie up is because if you haven’t seen the movie, this stage production comes up somewhat lacking, much the way the Potter film would without the benefit of having read the book. Without knowledge of the HSM movie, the play looks a lot like a bad rip-off of Grease set today… or worse, a bad rip-off of Grease 2.

All in all though, it was a great production and has all the personality and tunes of the film, just without the cast. I enjoyed myself for the whole show. A great night out.

Harry Potter First Impressions

Thanks to the folks at Potterdelphia and the Riverview theatre on Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia I got to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tonight.

The fifth in the film (and book) series fills the need for every fan of either series. Just the right amount of darkness, characterization, fun, wizardry, bravery and special effects for everyone.

Evanna Lynch brings Luna Lovegood to almost perfect life for the film, and in the category of making the most of small parts, Helena Bonham Carter as the sinister Bellatrix Lestrange and Natalia Tena as Twonks completely steal the show. Harry also gets his first serious kiss, as the kids all appear to be maturing at the same rate this time out.

The special effects are stunning, especially the final battle between the Death-Eaters and the Order of the Phoenix at the Ministry of Magic. Ralph Fiennes still creeps me out as Voldemort. Unbelievably he has found a role even more evil than Schindler’s List‘s Amon Goeth.

I’ll be seeing this flick again, a mark of distinction from me.

And the special boo-hiss award goes to the folks at the Riverview for turning off the air conditioning in the jam-packed theatre once the flick started. It was only 88 degrees outside at three in the morning. What were they thinking???