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Eurovision 2013 – More from the First Semi-Final

Denmark – “Only Teardrops” by Emmelie de Forest

Hmmm… someone needs a new conditioner. Seriously, this one is a contender. Catchy tune, part ballad, lotsa drums, traditional flute, and a beautiful woman, and not too outrageous – if there was a formula for Eurovision, this would be it.

Estonia – “Et Uus Saaks Alguse” by Birgit

Estonia is usually a fierce competitor, but this year we just get a ballad.

Ireland – “Only Love Survives” by Ryan Dolan

No Jedward or Dustin the Turkey this year, Ireland gets a bit more serious about the competition with this Ryan Dolan entry that continues to grow on me every time I hear it.

Lithuania – “Something” by Andrius Pojavis

I’m not sure which is more bizarre, the background dancers, or the Abraham Lincoln drag… craziness in the Eurovision tradition, love it.

Moldova – “O Mie” by Aliona Moon

Wow, that is some outfit, and a lot of hairspray… pretty song though.

More Eurovision 2012

Here are five more entries from the first Eurovision 2012 semi-final…

Finland: “När Jag Blundar” by Pernilla

Israel: “Time” by Izabo

San Marino: “The Social Network Song (Oh Oh – Uh – Oh Oh)” by Valentina Monetta

Cyprus: “La La Love” by Ivi Adamou

Denmark: “Should’ve Known Better” by Soluna Samay

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Eurovision 2010 – Denmark

Sounding like a 1980s pop power ballad, Chanée and N’Evergreen give us “In a Moment Like This”, Denmark’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest for 2010.

Intriguing staging and presentation, but perhaps not enough glitz for the contest – but then again, based on what else we’ve seen so far of the finalists… maybe it is enough.

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Eurovision 2009 Semi-Finals 2 – The Results

Coming through the Second Semi-Finals to compete in Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest Finals are: Azerbaijan, Croatia, Ukraine (go, Svetlana!), Lithuania, Albania, Moldova, Denmark, Estonia, Norway and Greece.


Eurovision 2009 Denmark

This is Niels Brinck with “Believe Again,” Denmark’s entry to the Eurovision Song Contest this year in Moscow.

Niels is a singer, songwriter, composer and producer living in Copenhagen, and just released his first album in 2008. The song was written by Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin M. Larsson and Irish singer Ronan Keating.

Close your eyes and listen. Is it just my imagination, or do I hear Lionel Ritchie?