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Quickies 1-8-2011

Me and Orson Welles ~ This is essentially about Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater’s production of Julius Caesar in 1937. An aggressive young high school kid and wannabe actor gets hired into the play and unfortunately involved in a romance with an older woman on set. Much like Orson Welles’ personality in real life, his character, so much larger than life, also takes over this kid’s story. Great stuff.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time ~ For a movie based on a limited graphics videogame from the early 1980s, this flick has a good premise, lots of potential, but little was aspired to. Some nice special effects, some interesting plot twists and frequent nice nods to the old Sinbad movies of the 1960s and 1970s, this is worth a watch if it’s on television. Good popcorn flick.

Whip It ~ Drew Barrymore’s direction of this film based on the book “Derby Girl” by Shauna Cross is very good. Great drama, great comedy, and all with a heart as well. It has the feel of a contemporary After School Special, and that’s a good thing. One of my favorite flicks of the year.

Formula 51 ~ This is mindless shoot-’em-up fun that is carried chiefly by the charisma of Samuel L. Jackson as chemist Elmo McElroy who has created a superdrug. Robert Carlyle from The Full Monty is also fun here as the Jackie Chan to Sam’s more talented Chris Tucker. Turn your mind off, put your feet up and enjoy an hour and a half of action thriller fun.

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The Wedding Singer


A Video Review of The Wedding Singer

Copyright 2002 Glenn Walker

This one has got so many things that should make me hate it. It’s got karaoke, it’s a sappy love story and most of all it’s got Adam Sandler – the kiss of death. But, I do kinda like it, if only for Drew Barrymore.

I think I might actually even pay to see Ms. Barrymore read the phone book in a muumuu. Even though Adam Sandler is in this, it is better than the phone book muumuu thing.

I love 1980s music, not enough to listen to radio stations that program eighties music (sorry, there’s only so many times a sane mind can hear “Hey Mickey” and “Safety Dance” in one day before going on a shooting spree) but I did grow up in the time so it holds a warm spot in my heart.

Sandler doesn’t use any stupid voices or act mentally retarded and is tolerable as The Wedding Singer who falls for a waitress (the irrepressible Drew) about to get married. Everything works out for the best (duh) and we get a lovely cameo by Billy Idol (my god, that must be one hell of a painting he’s got in his attic) who helps Sandler court Drew and a whole lot of eighties music. This soundtrack is like a K-Tel album from hell.

Christine Taylor (Marcia of The Brady Bunch) is sexy as ever and Steve Buscemi (as always) steals the movie by being the Steve Buscemi-est. And don’t miss the old lady doing karaoke of “Rappers Delight.” Get the DVD, corny as it sounds, the DVD has karaoke and it’s funny.

Come for the music, stay for the Drew, you won’t regret it.

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