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Still Old, and Still Not a Gamer

I launched this blog a couple weeks back and my good friend Terry helped promote it in various places, and I thank him for that, he’s a good guy.  He also brought up that I might be delusional in that I’m not the only forty-something who’s not a hardcore gamer.  I’m sure that’s absolutely true, but I’ll tell you, it doesn’t feel like it. 
I am a nerd, and a geek.  I have serious nerd/geek cred.  You’re not going to trip me up on any kind of comic book trivia – I challenge you.  As a matter of fact, I think I could give Mark Waid or Kurt Busiek or Bob Rozakis a run for their money.  Yeah, I am that damn good.  I know my geek pop culture too, the movies, the television, the books, the role-playing games.  I am as at home at a Doctor Who convention, a Star Trek convention, Gen Con or even San Diego as I am on my sofa.  I know my stuff.  But. 
When the conversation turns to gaming, electronic gaming, I am lost.  I might as well be your mother-in-law, you know what I mean?  I want to watch “Attack of the Show” and get all the references, ya know?  I don’t know thing one about World of Warcraft, I have never gotten through even the first Super Mario Bros., and, I confess, although it’s been in my home for weeks now – I still don’t know how to turn the PlayStation 3 on yet. 
It’s not cool to be left out of the conversation like that, especially if the previous topic was comics and I was ruling.  I don’t want to look confused while y’all talk about Portal and Lego Batman and why the DS is better than the Xbox (or vice versa).  I want to be in the conversation, I want to learn, I want to live.  I am prepared to become a gamer, I’m ready for this. 
Now can someone tell me how to turn this thing on please?