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Eurovision 2013: Norway

Norway – “I Feed You My Love” by Margaret Berger

That’s some dress, huh? This is my absolute favorite this year. I love this song, and there’s no justice if it doesn’t win.

The second Semi-Final will take place on the 16th of May.


The New Dumpsta Players Show Wednesday NIght!

The Dumpsta Players Present “Honey Poo Poo’s Chic-Fill-A Fashion Show”

The Date: Wednesday, February 20, 2013
The Time: Doors open at 10 PM, show time is 11 PM sharp!
The Place: Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street, Philadelphia PA


Honey Poo Poo is all the rage at “A List”-ing baby discos from Trenton to Chattanooga! With her new found fame comes merchandising opportunities, meet and greets at Walmart, and a list of temptations no little girl should ever read.

Kim Katrashian is throwing her annual Spring Fashion Show benefiting Sick Babies and Puppies Without Borders and contemplating names for her own debut of celebrity spawn.

When Miss Philippines and her agent Max Wisenheimer are added to the entertainment lineup for the Fashion Show, it’s anyone’s guess who will hoard the most attention and make a splash in the headlines!

But what do Mama Poon and Miss Teen Florida have up their sleeves? And what’s Lance Armstrong doing in the wings? Beware! Miss Kosovo and her scheming mother have some rather dark ideas of how they might steal the spotlight and no one is safe during The Fashion Show!

Throw down the gauntlet, gulp your skinny latte, but don’t miss – – – “HONEY POO POO’S CHIC-FILL-A FASHION SHOW”!

A portion of the proceeds from “Honey Poo Poo’s Chic-Fill-A Fashion Show” will benefit The Attic Youth Center!

Check out The Dumpsta Players on Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and on their own website.

The Black Cat

The Black Cat ~ This 1934 film, ignoring the many others that use the same title (there have to be at least eight that I can think of, right off the top of my head), is the first onscreen meeting between Universal horror stars Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, the first of eight Universal horrors to feature them both.

In a futuristic mansion built on the site of a World War I fortress, the two rivals engage in a battle of wits, chess (yes, chess), and torture, both physical and psychological. Caught in the middle are a newlywed couple, dropped into the conflict with circumstances almost hilariously similar to Brad and Janet’s in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And much like that film, horror and hilarity ensues, but without the musical numbers. Apparently, Boris tortured Bela on this site during the war, and Bela is back for vengeance. The houseguests, among others, are pawns in this game of cat and mouse.

Boris Karloff’s Hjalmar Poelzig is a subtly sinister Satan-worshipping priest in the style of Aleister Crowley, but with the fashion sense of the wicked queen from Snow White and the Huntsman. It truly is a contest of ‘what will he wear next?’ in this flick. His height, and his physical presence, are much scarier than his calm demeanor, and the effect, for me at least, makes him seem even more frightening here than in his Frankenstein roles.

Bela Lugosi makes a worthy opponent for Karloff here as Dr. Vitus Werdegast. Bela, more so than any other role I’ve seen him in, puts in a fabulous performance. In fact, he steals the film. I have always thought him to be an over-actor, relying on his accent to excuse him from any real work, but here he is really quite good. I was impressed.

Also starring in this Universal horror is the house and stage set itself. Art deco was very popular in the 1930s and it was made into a starring character as the backdrop here. As the drama unwinds, even in the slow parts, one cannot help but marvel at the very expensive (for then) sets, a relic of a lost time in architecture.

The film itself is supposedly based on the Edgar Allan Poe story of the same name, or at least it is, according to the credits. Director Edgar G. Ulmer later admitted in an interview they used the title to get publicity for the movie. It should be mentioned this flick was quite violent for the time, went through several cuts, and was even banned in certain European countries. While the most successful Universal film of that year, this has become a mostly forgotten film, but definitely worth a watch for horror fans and film fans alike.

Malcolm McLaren RIP

Music legend Malcolm McLaren passed away this morning in New York after a long battle with cancer. He was 64.

Before becoming the infamous manager of the iconic punk rock band the Sex Pistols, McLaren was in fashion and ran many alternative clothing shops in London, although he eventually would have his own clothing lines. He brought the Sex Pistols to the attention of the world and helped begin a new phase in music, even though later he was accused of mismanaging their money.

McLaren had a brief solo musical career of his own in the early 1980s introducing sampling to the industry with “Buffalo Gals” and the album “Duck Rock.” He also later attempted an electronic version of the opera “Madame Butterfly.” He remains a jack of all trades, as throughout his life he also created advertisements for British Airways, managed the New York Dolls and produced the film Fast Food Nation among many other projects. We’ve once again lost one of the good ones.

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Best and Worst Dressed…?

Mr. Blackwell, a leading authority on fashion and a king of snark, who compiled the most quirky cool best and worst dressed lists for celebrities, passed away yesterday. The man’s eye for fashion and way with words will be sorely missed.