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Head Case

My buddy Q turned me on to this original comedy series from Starz that I have recently caught up with via NetFlix DVD. I really enjoyed it, I just wish that the DVD had been clearer about what order to watch the episodes in. What is featured on the second disc as “bonus shorts” is actually the first season, and what is called the “first season” on the first disc is really the second season. Major suckage ensued after watching it out of order, sort of like watching “Firefly” for the first time after having seen Serenity.

In “Head Case,” Alexandra Wentworth from “In Living Color” plays a therapist to the stars whose unorthodox methods bring the funny. The pseudo-documentary style of the series vanishes after a while and it becomes a real sitcom. It’s a treat to see Steve Landesberg of “Barney Miller” fame on TV again and Michelle Arthur steals the show as the receptionist Lola.

Be warned however, don’t watch on an empty stomach, as Fatburger plays a big role in the series. You’ll be craving fast food sooner than later. Recommended.

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French Fry Diary 33: The Winner

Have You Voted Yet?

Crossposted from French Fry Diary:

The poll (found here) to find out what your favorite fast food French fries are will be coming to a close at the end of the month – have you voted yet?

McDonald’s seems to have a very clear lead, but still the battle rages on for second. A tie between Five Guys, In-N-Out Burger and Burger King needs to be broken. Or perhaps there’s another fry that should be in the lead? Where are the fans of Sonic? Or Checkers? Or my favorite, Fatburger? Come on out and vote!

As for the folks who have voted for the ‘someplace other’ option – why not send me a note and let me know where to find your favorite fries? I can be contacted here. Looking forward to hearing from you!

And don’t forget to vote!


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