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French Fry Diary 28: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

Royally Bummed

The Royal Tenenbaums ~ When I first saw this I thought it was a joke, a good joke, mind you but still a joke. The schedule grid for Comedy Central was wrong, saying this was actually “MadTV” – and the way this film begins, with storybook narration of the childhoods of the main characters, and its humor – it could very well have been a “MadTV” skit. However when the star power showed up it became evident it wasn’t a skit but the real movie. Now don’t get me wrong, it was funny and entertaining and promising – but only while this introduction continued. Once the movie actually started, it all went in the toilet for me. What a shame, it had such potential.

Quickies 3-4-2007

God Said, “Ha!” – I have always been a fan of Julia Sweeney’s work on the big and small screens and her writing. Well, almost everything. I can’t say I’ve ever been a fan of her “It’s Pat,” which unfortunately what she is primarily known for. There is thankfully very little of “Pat” in this flick. God Said, “Hi!” is Julia’s fairly successful one-woman stage show set on film. She talks about her experiences with a brother dying from lymphoma and her own battle with cancer. She manages to inject humor into the situations smoothly and effortlessly. There are also difficult parts where you know she’s having trouble continuing where you know know she just wants to run off stage crying. Sweeney holds it together though, and puts on a wonderfully bittersweet and amusing show.

FM – This used to be one of my favorite movies both before and after I worked in radio. Unfortunately with the radio industry so changed in the last decade or so, the entire concept of this flick is outdated, like a piece of ancient history. Many hilarious performances, Martin Mull especially, displays why he was so popular in the 1970s. Highlights include bits of a Linda Ronstadt concert and a Tom Petty cameo. Great music of the era.

The Conversation – A terrific thriller that I can watch again and again. I never tire of Gene Hackman in this one. He is at his most intense pre-Luthor brilliance. His character reputedly even reappears in 1998’s Enemy of the State. Great twist ending and fun early performances by Harrison Ford, Cindy Williams and Teri Garr.

Off the Top of My Head…

The Poseidon Adventure

Irwin Allen’s classic first major disaster movie, Gene Hackman as hero and Shelley Winters creating a legend in her Mrs. Rosen. Gotta love where folks dance to music that doesn’t match. Must see train wreck flick!