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Jeff Conaway 1950-2011

Actor Jeff Conaway passed away today after doctors took him off of life support. The actor was in a medically-induced coma after suffering from an overdose of painkillers. This was after a long battle with drug abuse, much of which occurred in front of the world via reality television, as Dr. Drew tried to help Conaway on several of his rehab TV series. It seems a shame both that he had not only this problem, but also that a whole generation probably only knows him as that wrecked old drug addict on TV.

Jeff Conaway had a long career before crashing and burning, he was on television and film, and was prolific with both. He played Kenickie in Grease, and was a member of the long-running ensemble sitcom “Taxi,” until eventually being fired for drug use, a specter that haunted him even then. I remember also in Disney’s Pete’s Dragon and even though I never watched it, I know he was also a regular on “Babylon 5.”

What I remember Jeff Conaway most for, and while this marks me for not being with the Grease or “Taxi” or even rehab crowds, it cements my nerd cred. I remember him in “Wizards and Warriors.” This high adventure/subtle comedy TV series, mostly directed by Bill Bixby, was CBS’ way of cashing in on the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy demographic. It soon became evident that those folks didn’t watch prime time TV, or at least that show, and it was canceled after just a handful of episodes. I still dug Conaway as the square-jawed hero. playing it straight and standing above. Would love to see that on DVD someday.

No matter how you remember Jeff Conaway, he will be missed, and remembered.

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The Kit Kat Bric-A-Brac Broadway Revue

The Dumpsta Players Present – “The Kit Kat Bric-A-Brac Broadway Revue”

Wednesday, February 17th
10PM doors, 11PM showtime — sharp!
$1.99 cover 21+

@ Bob and Barbara’s Lounge
1509 South Street
Philadelphia, PA
Info: (215) 545-4511


This is the dawning of the age of sugarius! Imagine Happy Hour at the candy shop and all the different sweet snacks wanna show off some Broadway! Blow Pop could have danced all night! Butterfinger is just a girl who can’t say no! Bit-O-Honey’s life is a cabaret! See Almond Joy and Mounds in a tap dance extravaganza!

Join the Dumpstas as we ride a sugar high down the Hershey Highway! Enjoy selections from “Hair,” “Spring Awakening,” “Grease,” and “West Side Story!”

Have some sweet charity and take it slow, daddy-o, in –
“The Kit Kat Bric-A-Brac Broadway Revue”!

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