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Whiteout ~ This is yet another comic book movie whose source material I have not read. Yeah, I know, I feel like I’m letting you folks down. Whiteout is based on the graphic novel by Greg Rucka (who also is executive producer here) and Steve Lieber. Rucka is a writer who runs hot and cold for me. He’s either very good or very bad.

Gabriel Macht of The Spirit and Alex O’Loughlin of “Moonlight” and the inexplicable new “Hawaii Five-O” (the less said about Feed the better for his nerd cred) have both done their share of time at comic cons. One is loved and one is hated, you guess who is who. Kate Beckinsale is always a pleasure to watch, even here as a casual action star, as opposed to her usual roles. This might seem like an interesting cast, yet none of the above manage to rise even above calling it in.

Whiteout is half-mystery, half-thriller and all predictable unfortunately, but all in all, it’s a nice diversion for about a hundred minutes. Good if there’s nothing else on. Hey, I might even check out the comic, but praise more than that, I can’t manage.

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Batman: Gotham Knight

Segment five, Batman comics writer Brian Azzarello’s “Working Through Pain,” appears to be a direct sequel to the previous chapter unlike the others. It’s possible, but probably not true – close-eyed viewers will note the wound is on the other side from where Croc bit him. Having been wounded (maybe in combat with Killer Croc, maybe not), Batman flashes back to the past, and his training in India, reportedly a sequence that was supposed to have been in Batman Begins. I gotta say, I was unimpressed with this one, nice voice work by Parminder Nagra as Cassandra though.

“Deadshot,” the final chapter features, guess who, Deadshot. Written by another fantastic writer Alan Burnett, the man who resurrected “The Twilight Zone” in the 1980s, and wrote all the really good Earth-Two stories, this one pits the Batman against his deadly assassin foe, Deadshot. I really didn’t care for Madhouse’s weirdly shaded animation here but no matter how you slice it, the execution here is near perfect. The music by Robert J. Kral here is beautiful and it paces the action exquisitely. Great stuff.

All in all a wonderful collection and the stories are linked well. Refreshing and imaginative, Batman: Gotham Knight is a wonderful addition to any comics fan’s DVD collection.