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The Guiding Light Fails

CBS announced today that they were canceling “Guiding Light,” Proctor & Gamble’s soap opera that had been on the air since 1952 and began life as a radio drama, then called “The Guiding Light,” in 1937. It remains the longest running serial program in radio and television history. The network cited low ratings and the economy among the reasons for the cancellation.

“Guiding Light” was always a leader in its field, the first serial to feature African-American actors in lead roles, the first to podcast their episodes to internet. It dealt with hard topics and storylines that raised social awareness of such things as alcoholism, depression and AIDS long before other media. Storylines also dealt with pop culture and other trivia, even Marvel superheroes.

CBS says that “Guiding Light” will leave the airwaves on September 18th of this year, but will that be the end really? Sources say the producers have not given up yet, searching for cable networks or internet broadcasts. Only time will tell, you’ll have to tune in tomorrow and see – as always.