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Prometheus ~ First things first, get any notion out of your head that this flick has anything to do with the Alien series. It may, but waiting for those bits that connect it, or even expecting them, will lessen your enjoyment of this otherwise fairly good scifi horror. It’s Ridley Scott, it’s terror in space, but Alien it is not.

Motivated by ancient cave drawings, a space mission in the future travels to a distant planet described in those drawings. The assumption is this is where to find the origin of man, our creators, who the scientists in charge call The Engineers. Yes, it’s vague, and attempts are made to explain it along the way, but in the end it gets us to the planet, and starts the action moving.

The Prometheus and its crew land on the planet, explore an abandoned complex full of dead Engineers and one by one get picked off by various horrors from within and without in Alien-like suspense. Ghosts, monsters, mystery goo, infections, its all here. There is also the obligatory robot we don’t know whether to trust or not. Paranoia is the name of the game, and Scott does it well.

Now for the cringeworthy spoiler alert and reason you might not want to see this flick. After being quite suddenly impregnated, Noomi Rapace (from the original, and superior, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), playing a character named Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (yeah, I couldn’t get the Doctor Who reference out of my head either), gives herself an abortion. It is every bit as horrifying, and more so, as it sounds. Definitely one of the hardest things for me to watch in a movie in quite some time. Consider yourself warned.

There’s a terrific ensemble cast including Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Benedict Wong, Guy Pearce, and the always terrific Idris Elba. Can that man do no wrong? There’s also Sean Harris, who played the assassin Micheletto, the best thing about Showtime’s “The Borgias.” He is equally as good at scene stealing here too.

Worth seeing, but with several provisos, you have been warned.


The Time Machine (2002)


A Video Review of The Time Machine (2002)

Copyright 2003 Glenn Walker

Did we really need a remake of this one? No, but it’s a fun ride nevertheless. The original from 1960 was directed by George Pal and in most cases there can be no improvement on him but here is a legitimate case.

Guy Pierce plays as well as one can in a movie that is predominantly a special effects event. His transformation from man on a personal quest to hero saving others and the future of mankind is flawless. He is wooden as the time traveler but the performances of Orlando Jones (former 7-Up spokesman) as the library hologram and Jeremy Irons as the Morlock leader more than make up for it in their all too brief roles. More of either of these two would have only improved the flick. I am also once again stunned by the work of Mark Addy. He is superior in whatever role he takes on, either here, in A Knight’s Tale or the CBS sitcom “Still Standing,” he is always excellent.

The real star here is the special effects. The time travel itself is amazing. It is like an advanced time lapse photography experiment left to go for a few centuries. It is a very nice touch. It’s fun to play with the fast forward, rewind and pause buttons during these sequences. There is so much to see.

The Morlocks as costumed actors and CGI effects are more than real and seriously frightening. Pierce’s fight with the one Morlock is terrifying. The mind boggles when you realize he’s going to go down where they all are. To be perfectly honest the Morlocks from the original 1960 version with the blue skin and white fright wigs never seemed anything but ridiculous to me. The new models are probably going to give me nightmares.

My only complaint is the politically correct editing of the film. Because of the 9-11 attacks a sequence was axed where chunks of the exploded moon crash into the World Trade Center. Politically correct? Probably not. A special effects pinnacle? Definitely.

Rating – ****

***** Must see
**** Worth seeing
*** So you have eight dollars you want to throw away…
** Is Adam Sandler in this mess?
* A bullet would be quicker.

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