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Watch At Your Own Risk…

MTV has recently banned a new music video from being aired, and not because of ‘mature content.’ There’s no nudity, profanity or excessive violence in this one, not even brand names that need to be blurred out.

The video in question is “Run” by Gnarls Barkley, from the upcoming album, The Odd Couple. The video failed ‘the Harding Test’ because of its strobe effects. The Harding Test measures TV images to make sure they don’t cause epileptic seizures in viewers.

And yes, that is Justin Timberlake, and no, I won’t make the obvious joke – that this doesn’t matter because MTV no longer plays music. They do, they have many channels that do, just not on the original MTV.

Here it is. Remember, watch at your own risk, it may cause seizures…