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More like Jackman and Billy than Jekyll and Hyde, the new BBC America original “Jekyll” is a refreshing new look at Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It’s written and produced by Steven Moffat of “Doctor Who” and “Coupling” fame which is actually significant, as he wrote one of the more chilling “Who” episodes of the third season – “Blink” with the angel statues.

The cast headed by James Nesbit, known as the lead in “Murphy’s Law” on the other side of the pond. His mannerisms and over the top expressions make it believable that Jackman and Hyde are two different people while still played by one person with very little make-up accompaniment. Also on board are Denis Lawson, Wedge Antilles from the classic original Star Wars and Michelle Ryan, TV’s new “Bionic Woman.”

I’ve only seen two episodes so far but the story is top notch as is the acting. This is an amazing update of the Jekyll/Hyde concept and definitely worth a look.