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French Fry Diary 494: Starbucks Potato Chips

Soap Revival

We have talked now and then here at Welcome to Hell about the death of the soap opera. It is simply a genre and a style of television that has seen better days, and perhaps a lost audience. However, sometimes, I get proved wrong.

Just a few day ago verification of rumors popped up with the announcement that “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” were coming back. Maybe not to their traditional ABC afternoon time slots, but to the internet. Beginning April 29th, at 12 PM, new half-hour episodes of “All My Children” will be available on iTunes, on Hulu, and on Prospect Park’s The Online Network.

Welcome back!

At War with the Internet

Recently the Internet seems to have turned against me. I don’t know what I did to it. I’ve always played nice, and fed it well, but lately, it just doesn’t like me.

The first culprit is the Twitter. Twitter thinks I follow too many people. At first (and still) I didn’t think that was possible. Isn’t the whole concept of Twitter to follow other people and seeing what they have to say? Twitter doesn’t agree. Here‘s what they have to say on the subject. Okay, I suppose that’s fair, but then why, every single day, after they shut me down from following people do they continue to suggest people for me to follow??

Speaking of suggestions, then there’s the Facebook. They are constantly suggesting friends for me on the right side of the screen, saying I may know them, we share hundreds of mutual friends, and mutual likes. But let me tell you something – if you decide to add any of these ‘friends’ the Facebook has suggested, and they don’t want to be your ‘friend,’ they might just report you to the Facebook.

And I don’t care how many times Facebook tells me Mandy Patinkin might know me, I am positive he doesn’t. Don’t click that ‘friend’ button. Yep, it’s a double jeopardy thing just like the following problem at Twitter.

So if you want to friend me on Facebook, please do, and especially if you want to follow me on Twitter – please please do – so I can beat these fascist following rules.

RIP Wizard Magazine

This week Wizard Magazine called it quits. In this, the internet age, it certainly is a case of internet killed the magazine star. In a world where you can get all the latest comics news in just a few seconds, and also seconds after it happens – magazine that specialize in such are as much dinosaurs as the newspapers are. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not ringing the death knell for the newspapers yet, but the comics audience is predominantly a computer savy audience. A monthly magazine ain’t gonna do it any more.

That said, Wizard had its time. There was a time when folks fought to get the first copies on the shelves. Everybody wanted to see the new interview, the new preview, the new poll, the latest who’d win, the photos from the latest film or even the letters column with the latest feud. Like I said, it had its time, but sadly those days are gone, lost to the much faster satisfaction of the immediate Twitter/Facebook world. Rest in peace, Wizard, you’ll be missed.

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The 2008 Edwin Awards

The 2008 Edwin Awards!

Vote for the best and brightest of 2008!

And there came a day unlike any other, when the fans of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes were united against a common threat! On that day the Edwin Awards were born . . .

As the Avengers Forever Website prepares to celebrate its eleventh anniversary we are proud to announce the fourth annual Edwin Awards! The Edwin Awards (named after Edwin Jarvis, butler and most trustworthy aid to the Avengers) were created to give recognition to those who help make the Avengers the mightiest heroes that they are.

Voting ends on January 24, 2009.

Please feel free to contact the Avengers Forever Webmaster with any questions you may have about the Edwin Awards or the website in general.

The Edwin Awards:

Get out there and vote!