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Avengers Forever Chat


Monday night, 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, June 9th

That’s right, we’ll be talking Avengers/Invaders for roughly an hour, or more depending on how many show up late, and then we’ll move to Captain America for an hour. If you’re not reading either title, but like the characters, I encourage you to show up anyway, as there will be plenty to discuss.

Topics will include:

* 1st two issues of the Avengers/Invaders maxi-series
* What should Marvel do with the Invaders now?
* The Golden Age Sub-Mariner and Bucky meeting themselves in 2008
* Captain America #38 & the current storyline, “The Man Who Bought America”
* Bucky as Captain America
* Avengers in Cap’s supporting cast: the Falcon, Black Widow, and Iron Man