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RIP Irv Homer

Legendary Philadelphia radio talk show host Irv Homer passed away last night after suffering a heart attack while speaking at Eastern University. He went out in a way I’m sure he would have liked – talking to the people who loved him.

As someone who became addicted to talk radio as a teenager in the 1970s, Philadelphia’s Talk Station WWDB 96.5 FM was the place to be and Irv Homer was the voice, and in many cases, the voice of reason. In an industry today where talk show hosts are either to the far left or the far right, Irv was dead center, and in many cases he shot holes in both sides with logic and common sense.

Before, after and even during the golden WWDB years Irv talked at other places on the dial, always on the air and always fighting the good fight, teaching us all to think for ourselves, read between the lines and be critical of the status quo. He warned constantly of becoming one of the sheeple and told us all to be critical thinkers.

We have lost a crusader, a defender, a friend, and a father – not just a radio legend. I offer condolences to his family and friends everywhere. Irv will be greatly missed, and radio will not be the same again.