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Jumper ~ You know that old meme question that asks, “If you could have any super power, what would it be?” Most folks say flying. Some guys with a mind toward visiting the girls locker room will say invisibility. Comic book geeks will have a variety of answers, most popular being able to wield a Green Lantern Power Ring. But people of another type – folks always on the run, or want to escape – will say teleportation.

That’s what Jumper is all about. There are folks could can teleport at will, called ‘jumpers’ and folks who hunt them down, called ‘paladins.’ Hilarity ensues, as they say. Hayden Christiansen discovers he’s a jumper and escapes from his horrible home life to be a world traveler and a bank robber until he’s finally caught up in the jumper/paladin war he was unaware of until that time. All he wants to do is court the girl of his dreams.

Hayden Christiansen is the lead who comes off much more likable here than in the Star Wars debacles. As a matter of fact, the entire cast is very effective here except for Rachel Bilson who just feels insincere. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be the character or just bad acting. I’m leaning toward the latter. Michael Rooker plays to type as Christiansen’s abusive father, Diane Lane is looking very good lately and not just here. Look fast or you’ll miss Tom Hulce and Samuel L. Jackson is back in bad ass mode as the flick’s main bad guy. The prize of the cast is little Billy Elliot all grown up – Jamie Bell as another jumper who tries to show Christiansen the ropes. This guy, already a proven star, is an actor to watch. Bell’s star is definitely on the rise, and higher than before.

Jumper takes advantage of all the special effects at its disposal, and as a story it does just about everything one could imagine could be done with the concept. This is a very full movie. There could be a sequel, and I guess, after the box office it’s done, one will be made, but I hope that won’t happen. Like any number of other sequeled flicks, one would only dilute this movie. Recommended.