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The Rock Blog Tour

Today marks the beginning of The Rock Blog Tour, featuring Skinn Jakkitt. The first stop is at The Southern Girl’s Guide to Life by Whitney Coble, and you can check it out here.

Upcoming stops will be at the blogs of Tim Marquitz, Becca Butcher, Kristyn Phipps, Jennifer Walker, and Robin Renee. I’ll be hosting the tour right here at Welcome to Hell on December 1st.

Please visit Skinn Jakkitt’s website, hear them at ReverbNation, Like them on Facebook, and Follow them on Twitter.


The Dumpstas Tonight – OctoberFist VIII!

The Dumpsta Players Present “OctoberFist VIII!”

The Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2013
The Time: Doors open at 10 PM, show time is 11 PM sharp! $1.99 cover!
The Place: Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street, Philadelphia PA


Come journey with The Dumpstas to distant lands and experience a Greek Diva and her calls for lust! Queer party boyz from Ibiza shake their pompas! Fur Trappers from Iceland reveal the hunt is really for each other! A French Madame longs for her younger days and muchachas from Espana call the telefono to gossip!

But there is trouble in the Balkans… when an Albanian empath senses death in the air, the rebellion begins and anyone may die…

Let the ancient celebration commence. In spirited rhythms and many tongues, let’s fill the air with music and make merry!

Behold the songs of the people! Behold the melody of the language! Behold, the symphony of the season! Raise your fist in solidarity – “OctoberFist VIII”!

A portion of proceeds benefit Juntos, a Latino immigrant, community-led organization in Philadelphia fighting for our human rights as workers, parents, youth, and immigrants. Find out more here!

Check out The Dumpsta Players on Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, and on their own website.

The Tacky 80s Kitschmas Showdown

The Dumpsta Players are back! Tomorrow night, Wednesday, December 19th, at Bob and Barbara’s Lounge in Philly!

Pia Zahora Vs. Debbie Getsome! Frosty Jacks Vs. Hot Tamale! Amanda Playwithe gets sleazy! Plus The 2012 Dumpsta Awards and Highlights Show!

Bob and Barbara’s Lounge, 1509 South Street, Philadelphia, PA

Doors open at 10:00 PM, Showtime is 11:00 PM Sharp!

Up from the depths of the bedraggled decade of The 80s come dagloo ditties of the Holiday Season! Lost between pastels and swatches of gaudy glare, Pia Zahora throws down her exhaustive almost hits! Yoko Ono wipes out while walking on thin ice and Aldo Nova rocks the Kitschmas metal! Debbie Getsome takes us on a slipshod Sleigh Ride, and Amanda Playwithe shoots us with her sexxxy mess! But what happens when chintzy non-chums Frosty Jacks and Hot Tamale make a play for Pia? And what advice does Father Queeno Santucci have for the Hypercolor dressed set?

Crank up your boombox, cut your hair into a mullet but don’t miss the tawdry conclusion of… “TACKY 80S KITSCHMAS SHOWDOWN”!

A portion of the proceeds from the performance of “Tacky 80s Kitschmas Showdown” will go to MANNA.

Check out the Dumpsta Players on Facebook, YouTube, and on their own website.

Women 2 Women Concert

Please join us on Saturday November 10th @ 7PM at the Indian Chief Tavern (Route 70, Medford, NJ) for a evening to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness.

W2W is a grassroots advocacy movement to promote female artists by giving them a venue to showcase their talents. W2W (Women to Women) is a Concert Event series with a dual purpose. Each W2W Event not only will promote our local female Artists it will also promote a Woman’s Charity. 

Our 1st Event November 10th @ The Indian Chief, Rt70 Medford, NJ will be held to raise Breast Cancer Awareness along with proceeds benefiting Breast Cancer research for the American Cancer Society. More information about the American Cancer Society can be found on their website ACS will be providing valuable information regarding Breast Cancer so be sure to check out all the pamphlets, booklets and literature at the event tables.

This event could not be successful without the support of our Rock n Roll community. There will be a $10 admission at the door/Door Sales only no advance tickets. Patrons will be admitted on a first come first serve basis, so arrive Promptly when doors open @ 7pm.

We have a wonderful group of generous and talented musicians who will be participating to make this event a success, but we need your help!! We will be holding Gift Basket Raffles and a 50/50 (Cash only) and each attendee will be eligible to win one of our great Door Prizes !!

Performers on November 10th include: Robin Parry, Kathi Cooley, Britt Zammer, Keli Vale, Janet Bufano, Jennifer Walker, Susan Lake, Tina Brand, Sandy Hall, Chris Hartline, Kate Bradshaw, and Rachel Evans.

Hope to see you there!!! – with Jeanne Mannix Evans.

The Pineland Players Present Bye Bye Birdie

The Pineland Players present “Bye Bye Birdie” – Book by Michael Stewart, Music by Charles Strouse, Lyrics by Lee Adams, Originally Produced by Edward Padula

It’s the late 1950s and teenagers from across the United States are going crazy for the handsome rock star, Conrad Birdie. Meanwhile, his manager, Albert Peterson, is going into debt and has staked his financial future on Conrad’s success. Albert’s secretary, Rosie, is increasingly frustrated with the time and money Albert is losing on his project. Disaster strikes when Conrad receives a draft notice to join the military. Thus, Albert attempts to stage a farewell party for Conrad in which he is to kiss one lucky fan on the Ed Sullivan Show before he leaves for the army. Kim MacAfee, from Sweet Apple, Ohio, is the lucky girl chosen to be kissed. But conflict arises when her boyfriend, Hugo Peabody, gets jealous, and Rosie becomes fed-up with Albert’s lack of commitment. Eventually, things turn out alright. Kim and Hugo resolve their problems while Albert agrees to leave managing, become an English teacher, and marry Rosie.

The Cast – Albert Peterson: Dave Ferris, Rose Alvarez: Arielle Thomas, Helen: Megan Bandomer, Ursula Merkle: Alanna Campbell, Kim MacAfee: Emily Chant, Mrs. Doris MacAfee: Jennifer Walker, Mr. Harry MacAfee: Michael Post, Randi MacAfee: Abby Chant, Mrs. Mae Peterson: Rachel Ulriksen, Conrad Birdie: Erich Schmal, Hugo Peabody: Dylan Paulson, Reporters: Stephanie Lottes, Tyrone Fuimaono, Mayor: James Hoffman, Mayor’s Wife: Karen Malone, Mrs. Merkle: Cindy Clark, Nancy: Bryce Turkheimer, Gloria Rasputin: Sammi Kristie, Penelope: Julianna Rankel, Mrs. Johnson: Michelle Bartasius, Maude F Charles: Abby Zahn, Alice: Rachel Benassutti, Margie: Mariah Schultz, Harvey Johnson: David Thomas, Sad Girls: Danielle Romanuski, Sarah Stearn

August 10, 11, 17, 18, 2012 at The Neeta School, 44 Neeta Trail, Medford Lakes, NJ

Bye Bye Birdie Tickets Now Available!!!

Show Dates: August 10, 11, 17 and 18 at 7:30pm, August 18 at 2:00pm And don’t forget about our traditional “Meet the Cast” Ice Cream Social immediately following the August 18th matinee.

The Ticket request line is now open. You can request tickets or get more information by calling the Pineland Players information line at 609-286-3485. Leave a message with your name and phone number, your ticket date(s) and how many, and we will return your call to confirm your request.

Or you can use our on-line ticket request form. Click Here to go to the request form. Complete the form and click the “Submit” button at the bottom. We will confirm your request using the method you specified (phone or email) in the form. (you may also put in a ticket request at Saturday rehearsal; see anyone at the front desk)


Ticket prices – Adults $12, Children under 12 & Seniors, $10. Group rate, 10 or more tickets, $8. Ice Cream Social, $4.

Tickets will be held at the ticket desk on the night of your show, payable in cash or check payable to “Pineland Players.”

The Dumpsta Players Present… Bitchy Beach Burnout

Hey, ya’ll! If you haven’t made it to the beach yet this summer, never fear! Bob and Barbara’s has agreed to make this Wednesday night, July 18th, an All Night Beach Themed Party so please dress accordingly 😉 Drink specials all night long for the hottest bathing suits!!!


Bitchy Beach is home to dozens of misfit, jobless hipsters living at their parents’ homes and pretending they’re still nineteen. Surfing, shopping and skanking are all totally rad and a sneaky shag with your best friend’s guy is a favorite past time.

Buff surfer, Dex Devon and his surfing fraternity, Big Stick Club, rule the waves and snag chicks on a nightly basis. Dex’s steady, Lola Laurent, has a chip on her shoulder and Daddy’s credit card, but knows little of Dex’s secret sex life. Enter Sweetie, new girl in town and from the wrong side of the surf.

What happens when Dex gets drunk and asks Sweetie to get kinky? What will the other girls do when they find out about this tryst? And what really ever happened to Desdemona on Crab Cove Trail?!?

Go topless, show off your bikini, but watch out for jellyfish in – “BITCHY BEACH BURNOUT!”

Wednesday, July 18th 10:00 PM doors, 11:00 PM showtime! $1.99 cover 21+ @ Bob & Barbara’s 1509 South Street Philadelphia, PA 19146 Info: (215) 545-4511

OctoberFist VII

“OctoberFist VII” with Dumpsta Players

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
10 PM Doors, 11PM SHOWTIME!
$1.99 cover
INFO: 215-545-4511

Bob and Barbara’s Jazz Lounge
1509 South St.
Philadelphia, PA


Come journey with the Dumpstas to distant lands and experience a Belorussian Empress, a Serbian 60’s girl group, and rowdy Greek chorus boys who dance away their troubles!

Come taste from the melting pot of Polish and Portuguese delights! Travel with us from England to Moldova!

But beware, fellow comrades… there are dark clouds on the horizon… Fascist Dictator Luka Coschmenko has sealed the borders and the workers must rise up!

Let the ancient celebration commence. In spirited rhythms and many tongues, let’s fill the air with music and make merry!

Behold the songs of the people!

Behold the melody of the language!

Behold, the symphony of the season!

Raise your fist in solidarity for “OctoberFist VII”!

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The Dumpsta Players Tonight – Dead 00s Revue

The Dumpsta Players are at it again with a posthumous tribute to all our fav stars who faded in the 00s! That’s right — they’re all coming back for one last swan song performance in the “Dead 00’s Revue”!

Expect the unexpected from all your favorites including 60s Loner Legend and outlaw Johnny Cash, the very addicted rock of Robert Palmer, jazz siren Peggy Lee, the smooth soul of Luther Vandross, the Dirty Dancing of Patrick Swayze, the 80s dance pop of Laura Branigan, the persuasive gospel according to Tammy Faye, the timeless comedy of “The Golden Girls”, the very sexxxy and raunchy duo of Teena Marie and Rick James, the exquisite feline seductress Eartha Kitt, legendary punk band The Ramones, and the very King of Pop, Michael Jackson!

Many more stars are still being added!!

Come see what happens when we stir the melting pot of deathly delights in the — “DEAD 00’S REVUE”!!!!

AT: Bob and Barbara’s, 1509 South Street, Philadelphia PA, 215-545-4511, $1.99 21+
TONIGHT! Doors open at 10 PM, Showtime at 11 PM Sharp!

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A Bridezilla X-Mess

DJ K-Tell and the Dumpsta Players are back!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
10:00 PM doors, 11:00 PM showtime – sharp!
@ Bob & Barbara’s Lounge
1509 South Street
Philadelphia, PA
Info: (215) 545-4511
$1.99 cover 21+


When Heidi Hawthorne and Kelsey Lou Ann Hellwhich become Facebook friends by meeting in the “Bridal A-List” chatroom, they forge a bond hellbent on getting everything they want on their wedding day. Hunky grooms Bradley Bannister and Ennos Roscoe couldn’t possibly meet their demands, especially with devious sexual trysts and family drama aplenty. Just as The Holidays approach and wedding plans are careening out of control, in steps business magnate-jailbird and quintessential lifestyle guru, Martha Stewart!

But can Martha fix the wrongs of self-righteous bitches unable to choose swatches?

Are any of the Bridesmaids capable of planning a decent bachelorette party? Who will catch the bouquet?

Find out who gets hit with the Christmas tree in –

“A Bridezilla X-Mess!”

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PromTrash Mean Girls

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
who’s the trashiest Prom Queen of all?!??

That’s right, Folks, time again to pick America’s trashiest Prom Queen!

The Dumpsta’ Players celebrate their 14th Annual stag, drag, come-as-you-were/are/is “PROMTRASH MEAN GIRLS” @ Bob and Barbara’s!

Join the Dumpstas as Bette Midler takes on Donna Summer in a Mean Girls supreme showdown! Enjoy the snarly antics of the top bitches – The Heathers! Contestants are encouraged to pay homage to all the nasty queens through the decades – from Dynasty to Perez Hilton!

INFO 215-545-4511

$1.99 cover

It’s revenge of the dreadful prom, so join in the ffffun! We invite all to put on a prom dress, don a tux and compete with the gender bending drag kings, queens, straight up females and males, faghags, pretty princesses and assorted other freaks!

Come enjoy the sensational crowning in – “PROMTRASH MEAN GIRLS”!!!!

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