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More of the Same, Just Earlier

I just finished watching the first episode of the new prime time version of “The Tonight Show,” um, I mean “The Jay Leno Show.” I was unimpressed. I wish I wasn’t, but that was how I saw it. It’s just more of the same stuff we were getting at 11:30 three months ago.

There’s literally nothing new here. I still wouldn’t tune in for Jay Leno, no offense, he’s just not that funny for me, but rather for his guests. And if Jay continues to softball the guests, especially when they are Twitter of-the-moment hot like Kanye West – what’s the point really?

A few comments about tonight’s episode… I gotta give props to Dan Finnerty, but really, when isn’t he entertaining? Still, I like him better doing covers, but that’s just me. I want the desk back. Jerry Seinfeld certainly is fighting a losing battle against male pattern baldness, but he’s still funny. I kinda liked the Obama bit but I was sad that Jay stooped to stealing two decade old Weird Al MTV bits. And speaking of MTV and the VMAs, as heartfelt and sincere as Kanye’s apology was, I think he could have rehearsed it more. And killer performance by Kanye, Jay-Z and Rhianna.

If you liked Jay at 11:30, you’ll love him an hour and a half earlier, just don’t expect any surprises.

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Seinfeld for Microsoft

Now just for the record, I’m a Mac guy, and I’m never going back to PCs. Just not going to happen. But that said, I’m also a huge “Seinfeld” fan. That’s why I just don’t get all the negative hubbub over Jerry Seinfeld’s new ad for Microsoft. I thought it was quirky, cool and funny. I doubt that it will sell computers and Jerry’s looking a bit worse for wear, but I still enjoyed it.

Now I’m going back to working on my MacBook while I watch “Seinfeld” reruns.

In a World Without… Don LaFontaine


A Film Review of “Comedian”

Copyright 2002 Glenn Walker

This is being advertised as a movie about Jerry Seinfeld returning to stand-up. That’s only about half the picture.

It’s a very confused flick. At times it’s an art film, at times a documentary and sometimes a straight performance film. But only half of it is about Jerry Seinfeld’s struggle to do comedy clubs again after having one of the most successful sitcoms on television.

Comedian could have been just about that but they decided to switch hit. We also see the rise to the top of Orny Adams (yes, his real name), a surly obsessive compulsive manic depressive young comic who could’ve quite easily been the star of this flick. Indeed he overshadows Jerry.

Once we return to Jerry we get bored waiting to go back to the manic antics of Orny and his inability to be happy with his success. I see big things for this guy. Either that or at least entertaining stories in the National Enquirer.

Chris Rock, Bill Cosby, Robert Klein and Colin Quinn all have cameos but only Colin Quinn is funny. Wait for the video and keep a look out for Orny Adams.