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The All Things Fun! Live Comics Vidcast

Every Wednesday morning at 10:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, you can check out the All Things Fun! Live Comics Vidcast. Join co-hosts Ed Evans, Allison Eckel and Glenn Walker as they discuss the new comics out each week as well as trends in comic book entertainment. And it’s all done live from a real comics, toys and game shop in South Jersey – All Things Fun!

Allison takes on DC Comics, with a special focus on Brightest Day, and brings us into The Batcave with her thoughts on the Batman family of titles. Glenn examines Marvel Comics, spotlighting the Avengers, and Ed tackles everything else with a lean toward the independent and trade paperback scene. They also talk about the comics-oriented toys, action figures and games of the week.

And while the show is broadcast live every Wednesday morning, it can be seen throughout the week at the website, along with every episode previously. And don’t forget to check out Glenn and Allison on the All Things Fun! Blogs.

Today’s episode is online now, check it out here. Don’t forget to check out ATF!’s gaming podcast here. Please follow All Things Fun! on Twitter and like them on Facebook.

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ATF! Podcast Returns

The All Things Fun! Podcast is back!

Season 2: Episode #6 – Back in the Saddle

Join Ed Evans, Wes Hitchins and Jess Williams as they return to the airwaves after a long break in this game-centric episode. The gang reviews Letter of Marque from Fantasy Flight Games, San Francisco Cable Car from Queen Games and Pony Express from Funforge.

Wes interviews game designer Bruno Faidutti. Jes spills the beans about the All Things Fun! Live Vidcast at the next All Things Fun! Game Auction and Ed announces the first All Things Fun! Facebook Contest. Win free stuff just for being a fan!

You can send feedback to or online at You can also call our new feedback voicemail number 1(856)448-GAME(4263).

Direct download: ATFPodcast_S2_Ep06_06_21_10.mp3

Wes and Jess record a quick promo to let everyone know about the Used Game Auction being held at All Things Fun! on Sunday, June 27, 2010 at noon.

Can’t make it to All Things Fun! for the Auction? That’s okay! Wes and Jes will be hosting out first LIVE Vidcast during the auction. Watch Ed auction off the games live as Wes and Jes make fun of him!

Please visit for details on how to connect to the live feed and participate in the conversation.

And don’t forget to check out the All Things Fun! Blogs by Allison Eckel and Glenn Walker.


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All Things Fun! Podcast: Back at the Franklin

The newest All Things Fun! Podcast is now online – Season 2: Episode #5 Back at the Franklin!

Join Ed Evans, Wes Hitchins and Jess Williams as they return to The Franklin Institute in downtown Philadelphia PA for the launch of the Body World 2 and The Brain Exhibition in this game-centric episode. Wes previews Z-Man’s Dungeon Lords and reviews AEG’s Adventurers. Ed reviews Mayfair Games’ Station Master and tries to convince Wes to donate his body to science. We also hear an interview with Mr. Anatomy and we meet All Things Fun!’s youngest fan!

You can send feedback to or online at You can also call our new feedback voicemail number 1(856)448-GAME(4263).

To see Jess’s Show Notes visit:

Show Map:
00:00: Intro
00:22: Opening
03:57: Body Worlds 2 & The Brain
08:28: People in the crowd (Paul from Camden)
09:18: Jess talks to Mr. Anatomy
10:03: Wes previews Dungeon Lords & reviews Adventurers
18:25: Ed talks Wes into donating his body to science
24:08: Ed reviews Station Master
29:36: People in the crowd (Mike from Clinton)
30:28: End Credits
32:07: End

Check it out here or direct download: ATFPodcast_S2_Ep05_01_18_10.mp3


And don’t forget to visit All Things Fun! – South Jersey’s premiere toy, game and comics store here.

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All Things Fun! Podcast – Live at the Franklin Institute

The All Things Fun! Podcast is back: “Season 2: Episode #3 LIVE at The Franklin Institute!”

Join Ed Evans, Wes Hitchins Jess Williams and the rest of the All Things Fun! Podcast gang as they broadcast LIVE from the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA.

Ed and Wes talk a bit about the Franklin Institute, talk to excited patrons, preview the new game Arcane Legions from Wells Expeditions and review the game Space Alert from Rio Grande Games. Special thanks to the Franklin Institute for hosting the podcast and to our new producer, Jess Williams.

We’ll be back next month with our regular show, including the return of comic news with Glenn Walker and Allison Eckel.

All Things Fun! Podcast logo by Rob Kelly.

You can send feedback online at or via our feedback voicemail hotline 1 (206) 888-6097.

Show Map:

0:00 Intro
4:49 Why the Franklin?
14:52 Folks at the Franklin (Part 1, Rick from Boston)
15:51 Interview with Troy Collins, Senior VP, The Franklin Institute
22:59 Folks at the Franklin (Part 2, Rob and Beryl
26:59 Game Preview, Arcane Legions, Wells Expeditions
36:46 Folks at the Franklin (Part 3, Zack and Rob from Pennsauken NJ)
38:06 Folks at the Franklin (Part 4, Jennifer and Fred from Philadelphia)
39:20 Game Review, Space Alert, Rio Grande Games
47:24 Thanks!
49:16 End Credits
50:43 End

Check it out here!

And visit All Things Fun! here!

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