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Sybil Redux

Sybil ~ I had trepidations about this 2007 remake of the award-winning 1975 mini-series starring Sally Field and Joanne Woodward. This version, however shorter and leaving bits of the original out, also adds in new information either from the original book or things learned since the mini-series.

Jessica Lange is as always wonderful, again proving why she’s one of our greatest actresses. Tammy Blanchard however, in the role of Sybil Dorsett, is just hideous. She just passes through the film like a parody of the original version. At times she is a bad imitation of Sally Field at her most surreal, and at worst, she is the Gilda Radner version from the old “Saturday Night Live.”

I also have to wonder why CBS chose to air this now. It was finished in 2007, broadcast in Europe last year, but not here until this evening. What gives? One would think this would be a high profile telemovie. I guess not.

The best reason to watch this, and this can be found on Google much easier, are the footnotes at the end regarding what happened to the characters later in life. Watchable, but not recommended.