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Quickies 8-31-2008

This Filthy World ~ This one-man show with cult movie writer and director John Waters was directed by Jeff Garlin. Basically Waters is just let loose on a stage and he talks, and talks, and talks. That’s not to disparage him at all, he’s absolutely mesmerizing, and his knowledge of film, both pop and obscure is unparalleled.

Among the subjects he touches on in this 86-minute extravaganza are film, books, teaching, Jackie O, his early movies, drugs, Michael Jackson, bears, capital punishment, Liz Renee, Divine, kids, juvenile delinquency, homophobes, fans, the mainstream, Baltimore and movies he’d like to make. He also talks a bit about Kenneth Anger, Andy Warhol and for those of us in the Philadelphia area, the infamous Uncle Ed.

My favorite quote from the show: ”Even Divine had his limits. The first time he met Richard Simmons he felt homophobic.” This is a must-see.

I Love Your Work ~ Does Giovanni Ribasi ever not put in an Oscar caliber performance? And does Jason Lee almost always shine in roles with just a touch of creepy in them? These two are just a couple from the superior cast that make this very slick piece on stalking, paparazzi, and the dark side of Hollywood such a great film. What it lacks in story and character it more than makes up for in brilliant direction and cinematography. I Love Your Work was co-written and directed by Adam Goldberg, of Hebrew Hammer fame, and is recommended.

"The Groom Reaper"

I love John Waters. And not just his work, I love him. He’s one of those individuals like George Orwell or Ernest Hemmingway or Paris Hilton that is as a person just as interesting (for good or bad) as their body of work. For John, it’s for good. he’s funny, quirky, smart and sly – my kind of person.

Like I said, I love John Waters, so imagine my surprise when I came across “‘Til Death Do Us Part” on CourtTV. Now I don’t normally watch CourtTV when they’re not exploiting a case trial while in progress. I usually have the channel on while I’m writing during the day, or while on the gazelle with my iPod on – the advantage being if I look up I can always see the news crawl while concentrating on something else. And sometimes the trials get nutty. And Nancy Grace’s biting sarcasm is always worth a hoot. Other than that, I pay it no mind.

But while surfing through the cable today I saw my man John Waters and stopped on CourtTV. “‘Til Death Do Us Part” shows true cases where one spouse has murdered another, in dramatization form, with the names changed to protect the innocent, and John Waters is the host. He plays the, are you sitting down? – The Groom Reaper.

You could stop right there as far as I am concerned. That alone is a laugh worth having over and over again. It’s beautiful. And the stories, told in twenty-two minute form are sooo campy. Campy enough to make John Waters or any John Waters fan proud. The acting and the writing actually remind me of “Divorce Court.” Not the “DC” of today with a semi-real judge and real couples burnt in the “People’s Court” mold, the “Divorce Court” of yesteryear. Back in the 1960s and 70s, “DC” was the master of melodrama, making even the soap operas green with envy – that’s what this show is like.

Now I’m not sure if this is a new show or an old show but there were about eight of them that aired today. So check out your TV schedule for “‘Til Death Do Us Part,” it’s a hoot!