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Summer Three-Quels I

A lot of folks who know my passion for comics had been complaining long before Spider-Man 3 came out. They told me it’s not following the comics. They told me they’re not respecting the source material. These are both points that usually are my mantra when it comes to comic book movies.

Spider-Man 3 in my opinion is not inclusive with those rules. Not only is it a sequel, it’s a sequel to a sequel. It’s not playing by the comic’s rules any longer, but by its own internal continuity. The only thing it needs to stay true to are the previous two movies. No longer a comics entity, it is its own.

That said, it sucked, it sucked big time. Oh, there were some nice scenes, mostly special effects scenes of Spidey falling through spinning debris. The problem was that it was cool the first time they showed it. That, added to the number of times it was shown in previews and commercials, was only impressive once. We saw this trick several times throughout the movie, so many times it got boring. And again, it was a special effect. Notably, the two previously flicks were not spfx films but character-driven vehicles. That’s why we love Peter Parker on the screen as well as in the comics.

Where was Peter Parker in this film? He was there in name, just as actor Tobey Maguire was. He was terrible in this picture, as was Kirsten Dunst. And director Sam Raimi let this shit get through to the theatres. The only explanation I can come up with is that it’s a massive conspiracy by the three of them to make sure they don’t have to do a fourth movie. Watching this crap I can only guess their plan was to sabotage the flick.

The story, or lack of one, reminded me sickly of things like Batman and Robin, Batman Forever and Superman III. Stuffed with two much crap and executed badly. Too many villains, too many subplots, too much forced comedy and too much unintended campiness. Sandman’s connection to Uncle Ben came out of nowhere. Venom, who is never named in the film, seemed shoehorned into the flick. And the black costume seemed to only serve to have Maguire act like an ass.

I didn’t like it, I didn’t like it a lot. I feel it’s an insult to everyone who worked on the first two films including those who destroyed this one. I pray for no Spider-Man 4.