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A Video Review of L.I.E.

Copyright 2003 Glenn Walker

Anyone who has had the misfortune to work in a video store that carries adult entertainment has had this experience; the customer who is either subtly or blatantly a pedophile. Usually a man and he wants to rent all the mainstream tapes containing footage of young boys. Somehow porn isn’t good enough for him. Maybe because there are no little boys in it. Probably because child porn is illegal. They love stuff like Stand By Me, I Am Curious Yellow or either version of Lord of the Flies. L.I.E. should keep these freaks happy.

In L.I.E. a motherless boy with little contact with his father falls astray first with a bad seed peer and then with a pedophile with even more devious plans. It may have been well filmed but this is a reprehensible movie.

This chickenhawk training film for N.A.M.B.L.A. aired on the Sundance Channel. For this reason alone I thought it might be worth watching. I was wrong, oh so wrong. This is the most horrible crap. The Sundance Channel will hear of my feelings on this film and I’ve lost a lot of respect for Robert Redford. I’m disgusted.