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Progressive/Offensive Revisited

Recently I reviewed two movies, Disfigured and Blubberella, citing one as very very good and the other as one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. You can just guess which is which. Or you can read those reviews here.

When I was promoting the blog entry on my social networks, the star of Blubberella, actress Lindsay Hollister, called me out on Twitter, first for not mentioning that she was in both movies, and then just generally making me feel bad about my scathing review of that film.

Blubberella is still bad, and still a contender for worst movie ever, but perhaps I had been too harsh on Ms. Hollister. The truth is I am familiar with her work and have seen her turn in wonderful performances dozens of times on television. Maybe that was one of the things that made her appearance in Blubberella so upsetting.

As bad as she was in the film, and as bad as the flick was – Lindsay Hollister is still a terrific actress. Just in other stuff. You’re off my hate list, Lindsay, just don’t tell me there’s a Blubberella 2 in the works, deal?