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RIP Wizard Magazine

This week Wizard Magazine called it quits. In this, the internet age, it certainly is a case of internet killed the magazine star. In a world where you can get all the latest comics news in just a few seconds, and also seconds after it happens – magazine that specialize in such are as much dinosaurs as the newspapers are. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not ringing the death knell for the newspapers yet, but the comics audience is predominantly a computer savy audience. A monthly magazine ain’t gonna do it any more.

That said, Wizard had its time. There was a time when folks fought to get the first copies on the shelves. Everybody wanted to see the new interview, the new preview, the new poll, the latest who’d win, the photos from the latest film or even the letters column with the latest feud. Like I said, it had its time, but sadly those days are gone, lost to the much faster satisfaction of the immediate Twitter/Facebook world. Rest in peace, Wizard, you’ll be missed.

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Starlog Magazine RIP

Continuing a sad week of deaths, it was announced that the print version of Starlog Magazine is calling it quits after almost thirty-three years.

Back in the 1970s and 80s, back before them durned intranets, Starlog was where we got our scifi and genre news. We learned of current, and upcoming projects, and sometimes stuff that was not meant to be – but still this was the source. Starlog will be missed.

See Marc Bernardin’s eulogy here. And you can continue to get Starlog, albeit online, here. But it’s just not the same…