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Breaking Into Comics

Countdown to Wednesday ~ The title of this documentary references the day that comic books are released every week, and invariably the day consumers pick them up. As with any documentary on this subject, I fear that my fellows in the field and hobby will be humiliated. It’s just like when a new Star Wars or “Star Trek” movie comes out and people get in line early to see it – the media always finds the most absurd, bizarre and obsessed fan to interview, and then we’re all embarrassed.

But it’s not that kind of documentary thankfully, it’s something else entirely. At its start it appears to be a primer for folks who want to get into the industry. Using interviews with writers and editors in the field it teaches what to do to get in, what books and resources should be utilized for writers. Heck, this is as useful for any writer as it is for an aspiring comic book writer. Excellent advice here.

Now there’re also segments about artists, self-publishing and the business of comics – and they’re good too, but it was the writing parts that really got my attention. Excellent documentary for anyone interested in the comics field and even for those new to the genre. Must have for those wanting to break in to the business. Recommended.

… So Where’s Witchblade?

Our cable system just recently added the Independent Film Channel to its selection. Besides all the terrific flicks, IFC also broadcasts the anime version of “Witchblade.”

I was pretty excited about this as I had heard good things about this Japanese adaptation of the Marc Silvestri comic series. As a rule I don’t like much anime, except when I know the source material and then it’s not bad. I was hoping that would be the case here.

Of course this is almost a whole new thing, a new woman, a new situation, but same old Witchblade, so essentially the same concept. There’s a rocking opening theme “XTC” by Psychic Killer (not included in the above clip) and the opening sequence is terrific. Unfortunately, that’s all the Witchblade we get.

I’ve seen two episodes so far, and no Witchblade. Lots of folks talking about it, and even kewl-looking baddies who are after it – but the heroine never shows up. I’m giving it one more shot then giving up.