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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

One of the trailers shown before X-Men: First Class last week was this one, and afterward the audience applauded. I guess the anticipation for this is still hot. This American film version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is due in theaters for Christmas 2011.

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Toy Story 3 – Trailer

This was one of the highlights of seeing Up, seeing this trailer for Toy Story 3.

It opens June 18, 2010.


Watchmen Sneak Peek

The second trailer to the Watchmen film is now available.

This time we get to hear the voices of the characters, the infamous opening sequence, and closer looks at the Owlship and Rorshach’s inkblot-morphing mask, all set to a Philip Glass-like score.

See it here.

Watchmen, barring further legal troubles, opens march 2009.

Harry Potter Sneak Peek

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is coming to theatres in July.

Check out the new trailer here.

Star Trek Sneak Peek

The new Star Trek trailer is now online. You can see it here.

Curiouser and curiouser. Was Kirk blond? And did he and Uhura hook up back in the early days? And why would he trash a perfectly good (and probably a valuable antique as well) Corvette like that? Other than that, the spx look pretty awesome. Time will tell.

In a World Without… Don LaFontaine